Students majoring in economics and management may not minor in management.

The total number of courses required for the minor is 8 (22-27 semester hours).


All of the following (15 sem. hrs.)

ECON 101     Principles of Macroeconomics (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 102     Principles of Microeconomics (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 201     Principles of Management (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 302     Managerial Economics (3 sem. hrs.)
MATH 151     Elementary Statistics (3 sem. hrs.)
or MATH 251     Mathematical Statistics (3 sem. hrs.)

Students will choose three additional courses from the following list. At least two of these courses must be at the 300-level. (7-12 sem. hrs.)

BUS 202     Principles of Marketing (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 213     Principles of Accounting I (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 214     Principles of Accounting II (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 220     International Business (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 230     Introduction to Human Resource Management (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 253     Investment Management and Strategies (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 303     Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 305     Legal Environment of Business (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 310     Corporate Finance (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 385     Topics in Contemporary Business Issues (for a total of 3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 286     Money, Banking, and Capital Markets (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 290     Internship in Economics and Business (2-4 sem. hrs.)
ECON 303     Intermediate Microeconomics (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 306     Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 314     Econometrics (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 330     The World Economy: Trade and Finance (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 390     Advanced Internship in Economics and Business (2-4 sem. hrs.)
MATH 305     Operations Research (3 sem. hrs.)

Either ECON 290 Internship in Economics and Business or ECON 390 Advanced Internship in Economics and Business, but not both, can be counted toward the minor.

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