Faculty Accomplishments

Our faculty are recognized experts, published authors, accomplished researchers, and more. Read a collection of recent accomplishments listed by month below.
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Benjamin Steiner had his paper titled, “Smooth Muscle Cell Derived CXCL12 Directs Macrophage Accrual and Sympathetic Innervation to Control Thermogenic Adipose Tissue” accepted for publication in Cell Reports.

Rebecca Gilbert has been commissioned by Princeton University Museum of Art to write copy for wall signage annotating their new display of an original Albrecht Dürer woodblock along with original Albrecht Dürer woodblock prints.

Tara Kohn signed an advance book contract with Amherst College Press. Her study, tentatively titled Ancestral Time: Toward a Postnational History of the Photographic Book, examines the ways that the pressures of assimilation for newly-arrived immigrants, the dangerous reverberations of Nazism and white nationalism, and the processes of Jewish state-building converge and collide in a collection of visual anthologies published in the United States across the twentieth century: Alfred Stieglitz’s Camera Work (1903-1917), Raphael Abromavitch’s The Vanished World (1947), Sharon Strassfeld’s and Arthur Kurzweil’s Behold a Great Image (1978), and Mikael Levin’s War Story (1997).

Rebecca Gilbert’s newly editioned reduction woodcut titled, Spirit Orbs/Ball Lightning will be on exhibition next month at Southern Graphics Council International’s Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to that, one impression from the edition will become part of Zuckerman Museum of Art’s permanent collection in Atlanta, Georgia, and one will become part of the permanent collection at Florida Golf Coast University in Ft. Meyers, Florida.

Associate Professor of English Dan Rosenberg’s poem, “Cytokine,” was just released on Broadsided.com. Artist Millian Pham Lien Giang created a mixed-media cyanotype image in response to Rosenberg’s poem, and the broadside featuring his poem and her artwork is available for download here: https://broadsidedpress.org/broadsides/cytokine/ Broadsided was founded with the mission of putting literature and art on the streets, and it publishes visual-literary collaborations as free posters for anyone to download, print, and post out in the world where they can be appreciated.

Read more: https://broadsidedpress.org/broadsides/cytokine/

Dr. Gehan Dhameeth, Associate Professor of Business, shared expertise on Neural Networks and Deep Learning with special reference to Gradient Descent, Autoencoder, and other Optimization Algorithms, with the graduate students, cohort M21, from the School of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of the Cumberland, Kentucky.

Professor Michael Groth delivered a public presentation titled “Slavery & Emancipation in New York State” at the Equal Rights Heritage Center in Auburn, New York, on March 15. The inaugural event kicked off the 2024 “Lunch & Lecture Series” sponsored by the Seward House.

Leslie Rogne Schumacher, Visiting Assistant Professor of History, published an article in Transatlantic Policy Quarterly for a special issue of the journal focused on the January 2024 expansion of the BRICS intergovernmental bloc. His article, “Old Crossroads and New Frontiers: BRICS+, the European Union, and the Mediterranean Sea,” shows how far-right European leaders and Mediterranean dictators have gained and maintained power by cultivating ties with authoritarian global powers like Russia and China.

Read more: http://transatlanticpolicy.com/article/1242/old-crossroads-and-new-frontiers-brics-the-european-union-and-the-mediterranean-sea

Tara Kohn presented new research on the Ithaca-based artist Ben Altman’s decade-long, camera-centered performance The More That Is Taken Away at the American Comparative Literature Association annual meeting in Montreal, Canada. Her study explores his strenuous, repetitive labor of carving and reshaping the earth in his own backyard — and the rituals he performed along the edges and within the depths of the pit he dug as an allusion to a mass grave — as an experiment in what it means to embody inherited pain as an act of witnessing catastrophic violence.

Marian Brown, director of the Center for Sustainability and the Environment, was invited to serve as a judge of student presentations for the Union Springs Academy’s STEAM Fair on Sunday, March 10. This year’s fair theme was Aviation. Student teams created posters and models to explore some aspect of the field of aviation. This is the third year Brown has been an invited guest for this annual academic showcase event and the second year she was invited to serve as a judge. The first year Brown was invited to participate in USA’s STEAM Fair, she was the keynote speaker on that year’s theme of Sustainability.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Claire Mannle received an award for Excellence in Direction from the Theatre Association of New York State (TANYS) for her work on Mary’s Wedding in which more than 100 people attended in-person. The production won a total of 7 awards including and Excellence in Lighting Design and Execution (won by Visiting Assistant Professor Andrew Hunt), Excellence in Musical Composition & Sound Design (won by Rosalina Maassen ’17), Excellence in Scenic Design and Execution (won by Max MacMillan), and Excellence in Acting (won by both Katie Ostrander ’24 & Alexander Blaine ’24).

Leslie Rogne Schumacher, Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Director of the ICCAE at Wells, received news of his election as a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society on February 20th. A mid-career award recognizing both outstanding academic accomplishment and potential, fellowship in the RHS is given for life and is second only to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in British historical honors. In Dr. Schumacher’s case, his election was first based on his recent monograph on the relationship between the British and Ottoman Empires in the late 19th century, a book that a leading scholar in the field has deemed “a required reader for graduate students working on the Middle East, Ottoman Empire, and Victorian foreign policy.” Second, the RHS elected him in recognition of his long record of work investigating the “Eastern Question,” the term used by modern Europeans to name their belief that the Middle East is a source of chaos–a topic on which another major scholar recently described Dr. Schumacher as a “renowned scholar.” Previously elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition for his efforts in bringing together academic, government, and business communities to work on refugee affairs, Dr. Schumacher will be entitled going forward to use the postnominal “FRHistS” to indicate his membership in the RHS and eligibility for further RHS awards.

Read more: https://royalhistsoc.org/

Assistant Professor of Studio Arts, Anna Ialeggio has a solo exhibition at Cornell University’s Glass Box in Fernow Hall (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences). Entitled “Core Samples,” the exhibition showcases creative and material research from Ialeggio’s Wells College Summer Research Grant (2023). Clay-heavy soil samples from several sites of prairie rehabilitation are plumbed through high-fire processes to reveal their various ineffable qualities as ceramic glazes, and to meditate on the cyclical nature of reclamation in an age of massive climactic and cultural drift. The next phase of this project will be shown in Fall 2024.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with the Maine-based artist Lauren Fensterstock, Tara Kohn was invited to participate in the panel “Embodied Form: Material Engagement as a Path to Environmental and Social Justice” at the Scope International Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida. The conversation, inspired by Fensterstock’s sculptures and the paintings of LaNia Roberts,
explored the ways that meditative practices and mindful responses to visual materials draw our attention to the interconnections between our bodies and the entangled political and ecological landscape.

Kohn also presented her paper “Stone Memories: Reflections on Photographic Originality and Absences in the Jewish Archive” at the Association for Jewish Studies annual conference in San Francisco, California. Grounded in her discovery of a missing photograph in a cache of extant prints by the Warsaw-based writer, translator, and artist Alter Kacyzne, this study is a reflection on what it means to handle images that, in the wake of destruction, no longer have an original or an origin.

Mary Tasillo contributed a bibliography to the exhibition catalog for “Eternal Paper,” which is on view at the University of Maryland Adelphia campus October 22, 2023 through May 19, 2024 and then moves the The Paper Academy in Denmark in late 2024.

Associate Professor of English Dan Rosenberg has three poems in the newly-released Volume 22, Number 1 of Blackbird. The editors share these insights into his work: “Dynamic and vivid, Dan Rosenberg’s poems ponder the nature of consciousness, fatherhood, the passage of time, and our relevance within its cycle. Suspended within the liminal in-between of pre-dawn, ‘Earthshine,’ ‘A Narrow Berth,’ and ‘Morning Half-Light’ envelop the reader in a dreamlike space of intangible moments which give way to understanding” (https://blackbird.vcu.edu/foreword/).

Read more: https://blackbird.vcu.edu/contributor/dan-rosenberg/

Dr. Matthew Miller has accepted a regular monthly commentator role on wallethub.com. He serves as the “Hospitality & Tourism Expert,” with educating about personal finance, especially its application to United States travel. His most recent “Ask the Experts” article is featured in the link below.

Read more: https://wallethub.com/d/american-express-platinum-219c#expert=matthew_miller

Leslie Rogne Schumacher was invited to submit an article to a special issue of Transatlantic Policy Quarterly. The issue focuses on the past, present, and future of the BRICS+ geopolitical bloc, and Dr. Schumacher’s article will cover the growing conflict between BRICS+ and the European Union in the Mediterranean region.

Read more: https://transatlanticpolicy.com/

Gehan Dhameeth authored a scholarly article titled “Assessing Online Customer Satisfaction through Customer Reviews: Employing Topic Modeling via Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Algorithm” in the Journal of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, a reputable double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. The publication’s ISSN is 2754-6683, and it is available with the DOI: doi.org/10.47363/JMSCM/2024(3)120.

Read more: https://www.onlinescientificresearch.com/journal-of-marketing-supply-chain-management-home-jmscm.php

Dan Rosenberg’s reflection on teaching a course on ekphrasis (poetry written in conversation with other artworks) in England this summer was published in Advanced Studies in England’s annual newsletter. This short essay touches on the Diamond Sutra, papyrus fragments, cannibalistic pigeons, accidentally breaking into an Oxford college, crying at Stonehenge, and the death of irony.

Read more: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f60932d12946b295bbb9ac8/t/6582e3e595a3b146609ec761/1703076854304/Alumni+News+2023.pdf