The Wells College Transportation Department is dedicated to enriching the student experience outside of the main campus.  Whether it is transporting students to off campus classes, bus stations and airports or immersing them in the fun activities that the Finger Lakes has to offer, we strive to provide these services in a timely and safe manner.  Below are the services that we currently provide.

The Transportation Department is located in Main Hall on the first floor. Jennifer Legarretta, our Transportation Coordinator, handles the scheduling for the daily shuttles, break transportation, and all other transportation requests. Questions regarding transportation services offered to students may be addressed by e-mail to:

Unless noted, we need 7 business days minimum for requests. This doesn’t apply to daily Ithaca runs.

If you have cannot find the answers to your questions please email,

Daily Ithaca Shuttle

This is a daily service that brings students to the Ithaca area for various amenities and entertainment.  Students interested in wanting to participate sign up in Campus Safety.  In the entryway there is a log book that highlights the times and locations that this service will be active.  Students must fill out when they wish to leave Wells and when they wish to return.  Students that do not sign up for a return time and plan on staying in Ithaca overnight must annotate that on the form. 

Daily Schedule to Ithaca for Spring 2024 (subject to change):
Monday and Tuesday: No Daily Run
Wednesday and Thursday: leaving campus at 3pm, 5pm and 7 pm.
Friday and Saturday: leaving campus at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7 pm.
Sundays: leaving campus at 1pm and 3 pm.

Shuttles may be cancelled due to inclement weather or driving conditions.

Event Trips

Transportation partners with the Office of Student Activities and Academic Departments to offer trips to a varying amount of amazing locations throughout the Finger Lakes area and beyond.  Students can find more information and sign up for these trips either with their Faculty or at Campus Safety.  

Costs for trips vary based on the office offering the trips. Please contact them if there is a cost to the student.

Break Transportation

Transportation will ensure that if you do not have the ability to get to and from campus for a scheduled break, that we will provide that for you.  Transportation will bring students at set times and dates to Syracuse, Rochester and Ithaca airports and bus stations before and after breaks.

Typically sign-ups are available 2-3 weeks before the start of break on the Globe. Students should check the availability of shuttles prior to purchasing your tickets. 


Faculty, Staff, student clubs and organizations may utilize transportation services to enhance academic/organizational experiences.  Transportation can provide vans and drivers to bring you wherever you need to go.  Whether it is a class trip to a State Park, Alternative Spring Break or a club that want’s to attend a conference, we will get you there. 

There is a $0.62 per mile charge for the van and a $0.25 per mile charge for a driver if necessary. Contact for pricing and availability.