The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program at Wells

CSTEP at Wells

Collegiate Science and Technology Education Program (CSTEP) at Wells College is an initiative of the New York State Department of Education designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups who are pursuing professional licensure and careers in health-related fields, science, technology, and mathematics.


CSTEP exists to provide an attractive, supportive, engaging, and enriching pathway to personal development and professional accomplishment in the scientific and technical fields including preparation for licensed professions for historically underrepresented minorities and/or economically disadvantaged students.

CSTEP provides academic enrichment and research experiences in STEM content areas
Projects and supporting services include academic year and summer components such as:

  • Supervised training in research methods
  • Graduate/professional school admissions preparation
  • Standardized tests preparation
  • Academic and career development activities
  • Access to Academic Support Services

Student Eligibility for CSTEP

  • Underrepresented groups
  • New York State resident

Fall 2023 CSTEP in Review

  • 88% of CSTEP students participated in regular meetings and enrichment activities
  • More than $7,100 in textbook, research, merit, and participation stipends were awarded to CSTEP students.
  • 100% of CSTEP students indicated that they were satisfied or highly satisfied with CSTEP programming this semester.

CSTEP Alumni Accomplishments

  • Stacy M. (’23, Biological Sciences: Health Science) is a student of Public Health at NYU
  • Sabrina B. (’23, Chemistry) received a full-time offer to teach Earth Science near their hometown
  • Ana M. (’22, Biochemistry) is a Fellow at Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc

CSTEP Alumni are encouraged to share their promotions, graduate program acceptances, and career updates with us by emailing