Sport Management

The sport management minor engages students in various sports industry management theories and issues facing modern sport and athletics.

Classification: Minor

Courses encompass varying levels of modern sport including professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic, youth and recreational. The total number of required courses for the minor is 6 (17-19 semester hours).

Required Courses

All of the following (11-13 sem. hrs.)

  • SMGT 101 Introduction to Sport Management (3 sem. hrs.)
  • SMGT 210 Contemporary Sport (3 sem. hrs.)
  • SMGT 310 Organizational Leadership & Management in Sport (3 sem. hrs.)
  • SMGT 290/390 Internship in Sports Management (2-4 sem. hrs.)

One of the following (3 sem. hrs.)

  • BUS 201 Principles of Management (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BUS 202 Principles of Marketing (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BUS 305 Legal Environment of Business (3 sem. hrs.)

One of the following (3 sem. hrs.)

  • PSY 200 Sport Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
  • WTQS 230 Women and Gender in Sport (3 sem. hrs.)

Other Areas of Study