Holistic Health Studies

The minor in holistic health studies prepares students for careers in both mainstream and alternative health professions within the context of a liberal arts education. Through coursework across a variety of disciplines and at least one internship, students focus on sustainable, lifelong health, developing self-awareness and engagement with community while learning marketable skills.

Students completing the holistic health studies minor will build a foundation for further study, working toward such careers as: physical, occupational or mental health therapist; personal trainer; midwife; massage therapist; dance/yoga instructor; athletic or wellness coach; herbalist or nutritionist; or chiropractic or osteopathic medicine.

The number of courses required for the minor is 9 (comprising 20–24 semester hours).

Required Courses

All of the following (9-11 sem. hrs.):

BIOL 214L Anatomy and Physiology I (4 sem. hrs.)
HS 100  Introduction to Health Sciences (3 sem. hrs.)
HHS 290/390  Internship in Holistic Health Studies (2–4 sem. hrs.)

Any two of the following (1 sem. hr.):

PE 105    Meditation for Stress Reduction (0.5 sem. hrs.)
PE 123    Yoga (0.5 sem. hrs.)
PE 129    Beginning Horseback Riding (0.5 sem. hrs.)
PE 185    Beginning Shorin-ryu Karate (0.5 sem. hrs.)
PE 223    Intensive Yoga (0.5 sem. hrs.)

Any two of the following (6 sem. hrs.):

PSY 206    Health Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 242    Addiction (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 250    Human Sexuality (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 275    Positive Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 330    Indigenous Psychologies (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 338    Psychotherapy (3 sem. hrs.)

Any two of the following, for a total of at least 4 credits (4-6 sem. hrs.)

ANTH 270    The Anthropology of Food (3 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 303    Medicinal Chemistry (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 233    Economics of Health and Medical Care (3 sem. hrs.)
FOOD 201    Gardening (1 sem. hr.)
SOC 200    Humans, Animals and Interaction (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 245    Body Politics (3 sem. hrs.)

Other Areas of Study