Use of Unapproved Programs

What if I am not interested in any of the Wells College or approved programs?

If the Wells College or approved programs do not fit your academic or cultural objectives, you may apply to study on a non-approved program. Students applying to a non-approved program must meet the same eligibility requirements and general regulations for approval as students on a Wells College or an approved program. Your institutional aid will not be available and you must withdraw from the College for the semester. Students participating in non-approved programs must pay the College an administrative fee of $150. Please note that credits earned on a non-approved program will be treated as transfer credit. This means the credits only, not the grades, will transfer and that only courses in which grades of C- or better are earned will transfer. Students may not be approved for a non-approved program if Wells offers a Wells College or an approved program with similar learning objectives. Students exploring non-approved programs should speak with the Director of International Programs before applying to any program.