Sports Management Program

Sport Management

A foundation in business—applied to a career path in the sports industry.

Areas of Study

Business and Athletics

The most prominent focus of the program is the business aspect. Students learn to apply marketing and management skills within a retail or administrative context, and classroom discussions explore the relationships between professional or amateur sports and the economic world. Required coursework in organizational leadership and legal issues lay a foundation for understanding and navigating the inner workings of businesses.

Additional specialized courses dive into the sociological and psychological aspects of athletics, gaining insights into the ways that people think and relate to each other. Faculty encourage students to think of themselves as leaders—answering questions such as “What about the sports world do we want to be different? What can we change, and how?” Discussions of both current events and historical trends reinforce these lessons, and outside of class, students contribute to special campus programs addressing gender equity in sports and other topics.


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Internship and Study Abroad Opportunities

Internship experiences provide several valuable opportunities: you’ll get a chance to apply what you learn outside of the classroom, spend time working within professional organizations to help determine what it is you do or don’t want to do after college, and develop skills that apply to real-world career paths. These internships are available both on and off-campus, depending on whether you’d like to work directly with a sports team, with administrative staff, or with an organization suited to your interests. Wells students have recently held internships with:

  • The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins
  • The Electric City Shock
  • Hawaii Physical Therapy, Hilo, HI
  • Z3 Photography LLC, Fairburn, GA
  • YMCA Youth Programs
  • Wells College Athletic Department

It’s easy to get involved on campus through the athletics department—even if you don’t join a team. Whether you’re interested in photography or filmmaking, training, bookkeeping, facility management, or one of many other parts of the athletic support structure, just ask. Chances are, we can help find the right way for you to build skills and experience as you earn your degree.

Career Options for Sport Management Graduates

Given its practical focus and potential to open doors to a career or advanced study in graduate school, the minor in Sport Management combines well with many of our majors. The most direct connection is with our new Business major, but it could also pair with History to provide a “long lens” knowledge of the field, with Mathematics to lead into a career in finance, with the Pre-Law program to address the legal side of sports, with  Journalism to give a broadcasting or sports writing base—the possibilities go on and on.

Wells’ courses—all of which emphasize writing, discussion, and presentation skills—will position and prepare you to follow your interests and adapt your experience to new situations throughout your career.


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