Human Resource Management

Engaging people in the workplace, Human Resources is a multidisciplinary area of study within the field of business administration that focuses on managing people and organizations. A degree in Human Resources prepares students to understand and apply the principles of employment, labor relations, compensation and benefits, talent management, training and development, and organizational behavior.

Classification: Minor

This area of study emphasizes the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in the workplace. Additionally, students learn about legal and ethical issues that can arise in the workplace, as well as strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion. A degree in Human Resources provides graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a variety of careers in areas such as human resource management, labor relations, training and development, compensation and benefits, and consulting.

This minor is open to all Wells students and provides foundation of core knowledge and topics related to management, training, law/ethics, development, staffing, recruitment, and compensation strategies. This minor complements a variety of majors (e.g., business, psychology, sociology) as human resource management is a core function of every business and nonprofit organization.

The total number of courses required for the minor is 7 (21 semester hours).

Required Courses

All of the following (21 sem. hrs.)

  • BUS 201 Principles of Management (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS 230 Intro to Human Resource Management (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS 305 Legal Environment of Business (3 sem. hrs)
  • HRM 300 Training and Development (3 sem. hrs)
  • HRM 301 Total Compensation Management (3 sem. hrs)
  • HRM 302 Employment and Labor Law (3 sem. hrs)
  • HRM 303 Human Resource Risk Management (3 sem. hrs)

Other Areas of Study