Electronic Reserves

This reserves option is intended for book chapters, scanned or database full-text journal articles, lecture notes, etc., owned by the Library or the faculty member. Web sites may also be placed as e-reserves.

Available to Wells College teaching faculty and administrators.


24/7 access from any location through the Library tab on The Globe. E-reserves are organized by department code and course number.


The Globe requires a Wells-provided user ID and password. Student permissions for each course page are maintained by library staff (checked through Drop/Add period).

Turnaround Time

We will make every attempt to place your material on reserve as quickly as possible. You are encouraged to drop off material prior to the start of the semester. Training is available if you would like to learn how to add, update, and remove content, and/or scan.

Copyright Compliance

Copyrighted or copyright-free material may be placed on reserve in accordance with the Long Library Copyright Policy. All PDFs created by library staff will contain a copyright statement.

Citation Information

Full citation information is required for proper attribution and adherence to the Long Library Copyright Policy. Any material missing this will not be placed immediately on reserve.


Student permissions are removed after grade submission. You will still have access to your pages, however. Your pages will be deleted when your name is no longer included in the Faculty and Staff Directory. All PDFs created by library staff will be deleted from our e-reserves machine after grade submission.


Electronic full-text articles from our subscription databases must contain a prefix to allow for off campus access. This prefix is provided during training.

Access is granted to TAs, other students, and /or other faculty on an as needed basis.

Library Staff Responsibilities

  • Setting up e-reserves course pages on The Globe and allowing faculty access
  • Abiding by the Long Library Copyright Policy
  • Posting content as requested
  • Providing faculty training
  • Maintaining student permissions until grades are submitted; removing permissions after grade submission
  • Compiling statistics at the end of each semester

Faculty Member Responsibilities

  • Retrieving from the stacks and/or delivering reserve materials
  • Abiding by the Long Library Copyright Policy
  • Providing full citation information for each personal copy
  • Archiving content elsewhere if you will not return to Wells