Studio Art

The program blends coursework in studio methodologies, art historical frameworks, and applied skills to give students an immersive experience in making, interpreting, and communicating about a broad spectrum of fine arts.

Classification: Minor

The minor in Studio Art has been designed to give recognition to the non-major who completes the prescribed course of study. It is an excellent complement to students’ other academic pursuits, offering an individual creative path for research.

The total number of courses required for the minor is 6 (18 semester hours).

Required Courses

All of the following (6 sem. hrs.)

  • ART 119 Visual Organization (3 sem. hrs.) -or- ART 121 Drawing from Life (3 sem. hrs.)
  • One course in ceramics (3 sem. hrs.)

Two of the following (6 sem. hrs.)

  • ARTH 101 Prehistoric to Renaissance Survey (3 sem. hrs.)
  • ARTH 102 Renaissance to Contemporary Survey (3 sem. hrs.)
  • ARTH 105 Art of Non-Western Cultures Survey (3 sem. hrs.)
  • One course in ceramics (3 sem. hrs.)

Two additional studio art courses (6 sem. hrs.)

Other Areas of Study