Residence Life

At Wells, home is where the heart is—and the mind.

Wells students live in five residence halls or “houses” and one off-campus apartment complex, in a variety of architectural styles and room types–from the comfortable cottage feel of Weld House to the 19th century Glen Park Mansion, the former home of Wells’ founder Henry Wells.

Each residence hall has a laundry room, community lounges, full kitchen, and wireless internet. Our off-campus apartments have 3 4-person apartments with shared laundry space and wireless internet. Because this is their home, students participate in the character and development of their living spaces. This includes developing community standards to ensure that all students live together in positive environments that promote personal growth and social harmony.

Students eat their meals together in the Tudor-style dining hall, and each meal is an experience in itself. A student Dining Hall Committee serves as an active channel for suggestions, and the Dining Hall offers special meals throughout the year, brunches, picnics, exam treats and holiday dinners. Students can also use Wells Dining Dollars at local Aurora eateries such as the Fargo,  the Aurora Inn as well as the Village Market, and the Well.

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A Place for Intellectual, Personal, Social and Emotional Growth

The Office of Residence Life strives to provide safe and comfortable residential facilities that contribute to the thriving residential experience. Focusing on community development, Residence Life creates an inclusive environment where students develop their passions and engage in opportunities designed to foster personal responsibility, critical thinking, and global citizenship.

The connection between social and academic development is paramount in educating the whole student—as a scholar and as a member of society. Learning opportunities in the residence halls work to achieve the following goals:

  • Personal Development—the examination and clarification of one’s own beliefs, values and identities while learning life skills applicable to Wells College and beyond.
  • Academic Success—Creating an integrative environment for students to achieve their academic goals by the utilization of resources and development of skills.
  • Community Development—the participation in an environment in which all members are mutually valued and supported, and members recognize the impact their decisions have on others.
  • Citizenship—Creating opportunities to become an engaged, informed, and active member of one’s community, and work to develop a broader world view.
  • Inclusion— Offer a climate that brings students together in a community where differences are respected, students experience cultures aside from their own, and where the common goal is learning and understanding.

Incoming students are assigned housing by residence life staff, based on survey preferences. Returning students select their rooms through an all-campus housing selection process during the Spring semester. Wells College offers many different community environments in the residence halls, including healthy lifestyles living, gender neutral housing, sustainable living, and first year area housing. Students may also apply for a housing exemption or a medical accommodation during the Room Draw period. All students requesting accommodations or exceptions from housing must fill out the appropriate applications, available on the Residence Life section of the Globe or in the Office of Residence Life.

Honor Code

Community Honor shall be the basis of student government at Wells College. The principle of Community Honor is based upon the pledge of each member of the student body to be honest and trustworthy in the conduct of her or his collegiate life as it is defined or encompassed by the Collegiate Rules. Wells College students are under community obligation and pledge not to lie, cheat, steal, deceive or conceal in the conduct of their collegiate life.