Tuition Exchange for Staff and their Families

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Tuition Exchange Program

Wells College participates in the tuition exchange program that allows the children of faculty and staff at Tuition Exchange (TE) member institutions to apply for tuition benefits at Wells College.

Eligible students must submit a tuition exchange application to the College by February 1, in addition to a completed admissions application. Students will be selected for TE awards based on a review of their application for admissions, and selected candidates for TE will receive a set tuition award. Students must be enrolled full-time to receive these benefits. Students who are eligible for New York State Tuition Assistance Program Awards and/or PELL grants may see adjustments to the exchange amount awarded.

Tuition exchange funds may not be applied to study abroad programs; TE recipients are responsible for all expenses associated with study abroad. In addition, TE candidates may receive the benefit for up to eight semesters while at Wells.