Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The majors in mathematical and physical sciences combine purely logical and analytical reasoning, as exemplified by mathematics and computer science, with the study of nature at its most fundamental, the science of physics.

Areas of Study



Computer Science

In the past, human curiosity about the phenomena of science and engineering has spurred the creation of new mathematics. Today, this dialogue is not only between mathematics and the physical sciences, but includes economics, the social sciences, and research into artificial intelligence. Computer research is yielding powerful new methods of analysis and visualization, with significant impact on mathematics and the physical sciences. The way is now being paved for a similar computer-spurred revolution in the rest of the liberal arts.

The student who chooses one of the majors in mathematical and physical sciences will receive well-rounded yet intensive preparation for a career or postgraduate work. A major in physics prepares students for professional training in engineering (see Wells College’s articulation programs); a major in mathematics or computer science with additional work in economics prepares students for careers in business.

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Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Explore your scientific interests further with out-of-the-classroom opportunities for 
learning, leadership and fun! 
Check out:

  • Tutoring in Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Science Colloquium Series (lectures by faculty, students, and guests)

Internship and Study Abroad Opportunities

The following is a sample of 
internships in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences area held by Wells students in recent years:

  • Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., Lexington, MA
  • Museum of Science & Technology, Syracuse, NY
  • Wall of America, Sharon, CT
  • D & D Data, Vienna, VA

With phenomenal resources at universities around the world, the opportunities are 
endless. Try a semester in Scotland, England, or Ireland or New Zealand and expand your 
horizons along with your academic resources. Mathematical and Physical Sciences majors can pursue programs around the world.

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