Student Leadership

Wells offers many opportunities to develop real leadership skills through student government, residence life, clubs, and athletics.

Collegiate Association

Wells’ student government, the Collegiate Association, was formed in 1897 and for many generations has continued to provide a way for all students to have a voice in campus life. Officers are elected from the student body each year, and they hold a Student Assembly meeting regularly to discuss the needs of campus and hold votes on student issues.

Community Court

The Community Court addresses violations of Wells’ Honor Code. Its members include students, faculty, and staff; and decisions are made according to principles of restorative justice.

Class Officers and Representation

Each class elects their president, VP, treasurer, and secretary. Members of all classes are able to serve on boards and committees related to student publications, the Dining Hall, campus technology, traditions, the academic curriculum, and much more. Through these opportunities, our students have a voice in many major decisions and improvements to different aspects of life at the College.

Resident Assistants

In each residence hall, Resident Assistants (RAs) help their fellow students by providing supervision, support, organization, and leadership. RAs apply for the position and are hired by student life staff, and regular training opportunities ensure that they’re aware and prepared for the responsibilities of their role.

Clubs and Organization Leadership

Each student organization at Wells—whether dedicated to writing and publishing, a common hobby, dance and the arts, or something else entirely—chooses leaders, a treasurer, a secretary, and other leadership roles as needed. Each of these roles teaches our students how to work with others, manage their time, relate to the greater organization around them, and connect with those who share their goals.

Athletic Leaders

Wells offers 12+ athletic programs, with many opportunities to excel on the court, field, track or pool. Team captains provide in-game leadership for their teammates. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is an active group of student-athletes who work as liaisons between fellow students and the athletic department.