Health Professions

Things to know if you are thinking about a career in the health professions field.

Your first step is to learn about the different health related professions. An excellent source of information is NEAAHP (Northeast Association of Advisors for the Health Professions). The Health Career Links page has many other good sources. Medical schools recommend an undergraduate preparation that combines a thorough grounding in science,breadth and depth of study in the liberal arts, anda major that matches the interest and aptitude of the student.


The academic program at Wells includes extensive internship and abundant research opportunities both on and off campus. Internships are developed via consultation among Experiential Learning and Career Services, the faculty internship sponsors, and the student.


Each type of school has a different process and timetable. Use the links to get this information.


Your letters of recommendation are important; please consider the following:
Select recommenders who have worked with you and think highly of your abilities acomplishments, and motivation. Give them supporting materials (e.g. transcript, your statement, resume). Allow recommenders at least a month to write the letter. If you need a committee letter, ask your recommenders to send their letter to HCAG, c/o Professor Wahl. Allow an additional month for HCAG to write the committee letter. Letters will be sent by campus mail, but if being sent off-campus please include stamped, addressed envelopes.


Wells College students have participated in early assurance programs at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the College of Medicine of the Health Science Center at Syracuse. A student applies as a sophomore and, if accepted, is guaranteed entry to the medical school two years later.