Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies

Gain new perspectives, build lifelong relationships and prepare for diverse careers in the Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies bachelor’s degree program at Wells College.

Areas of Study

A Look Inside the Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies Bachelor’s Degree Program at Wells

Originally founded as a women’s college, Wells offers unique learning opportunities for women’s, transgender and queer studies, regardless of your gender identity. Working closely with professors and peers, you’ll learn to see the world in new ways as you connect personal experiences with gender to broader, contemporary issues around the globe.

Topics of study include relations of domination and oppression; the social and cultural construction of gender, sexuality, race, class and culture; popular culture; social movements; public policy and law; social justice; and ideologies of inequality, democracy, colonialism and imperialism. The program also offers a wealth of  cross-disciplinary opportunities within a broad liberal arts curriculum.

What You’ll Learn as a Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies Major

  • How women’s and gender studies have transformed scholarly methods and approaches to compensate for the neglect of women by traditional academic disciplines
  • Social and political issues as they pertain to women’s, transgender and queer studies
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that will help prepare you for virtually any career path

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Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning in the Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies

Serve your community, gain practical career experience, and investigate gender issues around the globe. Our WTQS bachelor’s degree program offers a variety of study abroad and hands-on learning opportunities that will enrich your undergraduate education.

Internship and Study Abroad Opportunities

Women’s, transgender, and queer studies majors have access to a wide range of internships that offer opportunities to work in advocacy rights, anti-sexual assault organizations, LGBTQ entrepreneurship programs, and much more. The following are a few of the internships recently held by students at Wells:

  • Flip NY24 Political Action Committee, Syracuse, N.Y.
  • The Feminist Press, New York City, N.Y.
  • Girl’s Initiative Network, New York City, N.Y.
  • National Organization for Women, Washington, D.C.
  • Planned Parenthood of Tompkins County, Ithaca, N.Y.
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.
  • Sexual Assault Victims Advocate Resource, Auburn, N.Y.
  • Women’s Opportunity Center, Ithaca, N.Y.

Our selection of overseas programs also enable you to explore cultural differences in gendered attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors on an international level.

Career Options for Women’s, Transgender and Queer Studies Graduates

In the WTQS bachelor’s degree program at Wells, you learn how to problem solve, think critically, and communicate effectively through writing and speaking. This is also a major that overlaps and connects with all kinds of different academic disciplines, from business to health to government and much more. As a result, our majors tend to pursue a wide variety of career paths, in fields including advocacy, law, politics, social work and as entrepreneurs.

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