Traditional Reserves

This reserves option is intended for bound print, photocopied, and a/v material (books, journals, photocopies, DVDs, etc.) owned by the Library or the faculty member.

Available to Wells teaching faculty and administrators


Reserves are shelved behind the Main Desk. They circulate when the library is open. The Library Catalog contains a list of active course reserves.

Loan period

Reserves circulate for three hours, with option of renewal for an additional hour. All reserves are library use only. There is an A/V Viewing Room in the library.

Turnaround time

We will make every attempt to place your material on reserve as quickly as possible. You are encouraged to drop off material prior to the start of the semester.

Copyright compliance

Copyrighted or copyright-free material may be placed on reserve in accordance with the Long Library Copyright Policy.

Citation information

Please submit full citation information for all personal copy reserves (book chapters, journal articles, etc.) for proper attribution and adherence to the Long Library Copyright Policy. Any material missing this will not be placed immediately on reserve.

Reserve material form

Forms are available at the Main Desk. Please fill out one per reserve. Provide department code, course number and title, your name, title of reserve, and citation information (personal copy material). Choose a loan period.

When submitting photocopied material, please provide a labeled manila folder. We require one folder per article, book chapter, etc.


All reserves are removed after Finals. You may retrieve your personal copies within the month after the last day of finals. After this, we will return your personal copies via campus mail.

Overdue fines

Students are fined $1 per hour or portion thereof that a reserve is overdue with a maximum of $10 per reserve.

Library Staff Responsibilities

  • Providing physical and library system processing of materials once they are delivered to the Main Desk
  • Abiding by the Long Library Copyright Policy
  • Upon receipt of course syllabi, ordering new required readings (except textbooks) and automatically placing them on reserve
  • Tracking reserves throughout the semester
  • Compiling circulation statistics at the end of each semester
  • Removing materials from reserve after Finals

Faculty Member Responsibilities

  • Retrieving from the stacks and/or delivering materials to the Main Desk
  • Filling out one course reserve material form per reserve
  • Abiding by the Long Library Copyright Policy
  • Providing full citation information for each personal copy
  • Providing labeled manila folders - one folder per photocopied reserve
  • Retrieving personal copy materials at the end of each semester
  • Providing us with your syllabi