Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The number of courses required for the major is the equivalent of 17 courses of 3-4 semester hours (63-65 semester hours); at least 7 of these courses (18 semester hours) are at the 300-level or above.

Required Courses

All of the following (56-58 sem. hrs.)

BCS 398 Independent Research in Biology and Chemistry (2–4 sem. hrs.)
-or-  BCS 290/390 Internship in Biology (2–4 sem. hrs)
BCS 403  Senior Seminar (4 sem. hrs.)
BIOL 130L Systems Biology: Biology of Organisms (4 sem. hrs.)
BIOL 214L Anatomy & Physiology I (4 sem. hrs.)
BIOL 226L Genetics (4 sem. hrs.)
BIOL 312L Molecular Biology (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 107L General Chemistry (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 108L Chemical Analysis (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 213L Organic Chemistry I (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 214L Organic Chemistry II (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 305 Physical Chemistry (3 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 323L Biochemistry (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 326 Biochemical Pathways (3 sem. hrs.)
MATH 111 Calculus I: Introduction to Calculus (4 sem. hrs.)
PHYS 111L Fundamentals of Physics I (4 sem. hrs.)

One additional 300-level course in chemistry (3-4 sem. hrs.)

One additional 300-level course in biology (4 sem. hrs.)

Other Areas of Study