Individualized Major

Students may propose a self-designed individualized major if they have an educational objective that would be better served than by pursuing one of the established majors at Wells College or by pursuing an established major and minor.

Classification: Major
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Each individualized major is expected to meet the philosophical and educational goals of Wells College and to afford the student maximum exposure to the breadth and depth of a liberal education as well as an opportunity to undertake advanced work in an area of special interest.

The individualized major must have a clear focus, and at least two disciplines must be substantially represented. The Curriculum Committee will approve or reject these programs.

Regulations for Individualized Majors

The proposed individualized major must have a minimum of 36 semester hours, a maximum of 45 semester hours on one discipline, and a maximum of 65 semester hours overall, including the senior essay/project, IM 401 (4 semester hours). It must include a minimum of 18 semester hours of work at the 300-level or above. The minimum required cumulative GPA at the time of application is 2.7.

Required Courses

Other Areas of Study