Study Abroad Application Forms and Deadlines

Review Approved Programs & Apply Online:

Check out the list of Wells College's approved programs and start your application online. Note you will need to "sign up" for a new online account before you are granted access to view application terms and apply.

Application and Forms

As part of the study-abroad advising process, you will be required to complete a packet of signature forms* before institutional approval is granted. See below for example forms for Wells College students planning to study in Wells-approved programs:

  • Steps for Studying Off-Campus (PDF)
  • Approval for Off-Campus Study Packet Checklist of Documents (PDF)
  • Approval for Off-Campus Study Signature Form (PDF)
  • Consent and Release Form (PDF)
  • Emergency Contact Information Form (PDF)

*Note the above forms are for example purposes only. Please do not print or use for official purposes. Your updated signature packet will be given to you after you complete your first advising appointment with the study abroad office.

Off-Campus Study Deadlines

Students must apply for approval from Wells to study off-campus and they must apply to a specific off-campus study program. These are two separate processes.

Wells approval deadline:

Deadline for submission of the Approval for Off-Campus Study packet (with your advisor's signature) is March 1 for the upcoming academic year (fall semester or spring semester). The March 1 deadline is for either semester of the upcoming academic year; for example, your approval request packet is due on March 1, 2023 if you intend to study abroad in the fall of 2023 or spring of 2024.

The Approval for Off-Campus Study packet (with your advisor's signature and all the required forms and documents) must be submitted to the Off-Campus Study Coordinator (Macmillan 211) by noon on the day of the deadline. If March 1 falls on a weekend, the Approval for Off-Campus Study packet is due at noon on the following Monday.

Program application deadlines:

Each Wells or approved program has its own separate application deadline: please consult the program’s web pages for the application deadline (web site links in the pages here):

It is the student's responsibility to know the application deadline for the specific program to which they are applying, and to fulfill all application requirements by the deadline.