Study Abroad Program Eligibility

While acceptance into a program is dependent upon the specific program to which you have applied, Wells College has some general regulations for approval to study off campus that must be met by all students. These include:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80
  • As a general rule students must complete at least one year in residence (on campus) at Wells College. Students transferring in with fewer than 60 credit hours must complete two consecutive semesters at Wells College before studying off-campus. Students transferring in with 60 or more credit hours must complete one semester at Wells College and must receive written approval from their academic advisor, the Director of International Programs, and the Dean of Students before studying off-campus.
  • Student must be in good academic and behavioral standing at Wells
  • Student’s financial account balance must be under $1,000 (or, if the student is on the payment plan, the account must be current)
  • If you are studying abroad: Completion of OCS 271 Cross Cultural Preparation (pre-departure) and OCS 272: Cross Cultural Reflections (post-return)
  • All students must return to Wells for at least one semester after studying off campus