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Wells College has offered our community many sustainability-related learning opportunities.
2-20-24 Sustainability Film - Evolution Earth - for LCD screens

Sustainability Film: Evolution Earth

February 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

At Earth’s extremes, as the planet changes at super speed, animals are reacting in surprising ways. With their homes changing all around them, we follow remarkable stories of resilience and … Read more

2-19-24 Sustainability Perspectives series - LCD post format

Sustainability Perspectives: Climate Change, Health, and Climate Smart Health Care

February 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Kristen Kaufman, sustainability strategy manager for Practice Greenhealth, explained that the health care sector accounts for 8.5% of all U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions, contributing to inequitable climate-related human health threats and … Read more

2-12-24 Sustainability Perspectives series - LCD post format

Sustainability Perspectives: Plastics – Where Do They Come From and Where Do They Go?

February 12 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Macy Gustavus, M.S., microplastics researcher and speaker for Beyond Plastics, explained that plastic products seemingly make up the world around us, but do you know how they’re made or where … Read more

Warm Up With EnergySmart CNY

January 30 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join EnergySmart CNY and the Wells College Center for Sustainability and the Environment for a free presentation and open discussion on how to connect with programs that can help you … Read more

Sustainability Perspectives Series: A Case Study on Sustainability Planning at the NYS DEC

December 4, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Brendan Woodruff will explain that the Department of Environmental Conservation recently released their first ever Sustainability Plan, which lays out a series of ambitious goals to lower the environmental impact of their operations and actions for how to achieve them.

Sustainability Perspectives series: Wildflowers and Ecological Landscaping in State Parks and Beyond

November 13, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Maxwell McCune is a Horticultural Technician for the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation for the Finger Lakes Region. Max discussed the importance of our native wildflowers and … Read more

Harvest Dinner flyer - Nov. 11, 2023

Campus-Community Harvest Dinner

November 11, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This free “dish to share” dinner event invites campus and area community members to come together to meet and greet one another, make new friends, and share in good food.  … Read more

Sustainability Film screening: Fixing Food

November 8, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

To many of us, climate change is remote, abstract, too grim to consider, too far removed from our daily lives. But we now know that one of the biggest triggers … Read more

Sustainability Perspectives Series: The Principles and Practice of Sustainable Winegrowing

November 6, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Justin Jackson is the Sustainability Program Manager at the New York Wine and Grape Foundation.  Sustainability. What does it even mean? In the New York wine industry sustainability revolves around … Read more

Sustainable Business series: Farming the Superfood That Can Save the Planet

November 1, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Chad and Claire Simons, owners/operators of 3 Cricketeers Cricket Farm, will explain that farming crickets requires far less water and land than traditional animal agriculture and creates much less waste … Read more

Day of the Dead Edible Cricket Tasting

“Day of the Dead” Edible Insect Tasting

November 1, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

In observance of the traditional Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’, come to the Wells College Dining Hall entrance to taste dessert items and snack treats featuring edible insects. Hallmark Dining … Read more

Clothing and Costume Swap flyer

Clothing and Costume Swap

October 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Need to clear out some closet space? Looking to refresh your wardrobe? Want to find that new-to-you Hallowe’en look? Bring clean, readily-wearable clothing and costume items to Sommer Center and … Read more

Sustainable Business series: Eliminating the Idea of Waste

October 25, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Kathy Pazakis, Chief Commercial Officer for Terracycle, Inc., explained that overconsumption and a throwaway culture have led to a global waste crisis. While even complex trash is technically recyclable, most materials are … Read more

Sustainability Perspectives Series: Opportunities for Innovation in New York’s Agrifood Ecosystem

October 23, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Sarah A. Meyer is a program associate for Cornell University’s Grow-NY program. New York State is poised to lead the country in agrifood innovation. The time is ripe for new … Read more

Sustainability Perspectives series: Centering Equity: The Role of Environmental Justice in the Climate Act

October 16, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Alanah Keddell-Tuckey is the director of the Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). OEJ works to address environmental issues and concerns that affect … Read more

9-23-23 Wild Pigment Workshop - LCD slide

Sustainability Special: Wild Pigment Workshop

September 23, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Daniela Naomi Molnar is an artist, poet, and writer working with the mediums of language, image, paint, pigment, and place. This workshop will introduce you to the vibrant world of … Read more

Sustainability Film screening: Planetary

September 13, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that every living thing is connected. PLANETARY is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup … Read more

Community Eco-Cruise

September 11, 2023 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Wells College invites community members to enjoy a scenic late-afternoon cruise aboard the MV Teal with narration and lake ecology activities provided by the crew of Discover Cayuga Lake! The … Read more

Community Eco-Cruise

September 11, 2023 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Wells College invites community members to enjoy a scenic late-afternoon cruise aboard the MV Teal with narration and lake ecology activities provided by the crew of Discover Cayuga Lake. This … Read more

Sustainability Perspectives series: Going Green – Start Where You Are

September 11, 2023 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Dan Antonioli is a licensed general building contractor, permaculture designer, green developer, and cultural change agent. He will explain that sustainability is a multifaceted path that is personal, professional, social, and academic.


May 1, 2023
Sustainability Special: BUG OUT - Cooking with Insects
Presenter: Joseph Yoon, edible insect ambassador, Brooklyn Bugs    bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

April 25, 2023
Sustainable Business series: 7 Winning Public Relations Tactics for Green Companies
Presenter: Tony DeFazio, Founder and Principal, Sustainable PR     bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

April 19, 2023
Sustainability Film series: Thirst for Justice

April 17, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: Highlights of the Biggest Climate Law in US History: What’s in it and what it means for you and the climate
Presenter: Carla Wise, founder and executive director, Power Up for Climate Solutions     bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

April 10, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: How You Can Help Achieve a Waste-Free Future
Presenter: Jesse Kerns, program manager, Center for Sustainable Community Solutions    bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

March 30, 2023
Sustainability Film series:
Haida Modern

March 6, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Weather Business - TV to Private Consulting
Presenter: Wayne Mahar, founder and president, Precision Weather Service    bio
Presentation video

February 20, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: Environmental Injustice of Beauty
Presenter: Lariah Edwards, associate research scientist, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health     bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

February 13, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: Enough is Enough - Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources
Presenter: Rob Dietz, program director, Post Carbon Institute     bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

February 9, 2023
Sustainability Speaker:  Climate Justice: Multiracial Movement-Building for the Win
Presenter: Aya de Leon, poet, writer, editor, environmental justice activist       bio
* This event was a collaboration with the Wells College Visiting Writers series
Presentation video

February 9, 2023
Visiting Writers Master class: Rumours of the Apocalypse - Optimism and Climate Justice Propaganda
Presenter: Aya de Leon, poet, writer, editor, environmental justice activist       bio
* This event was a collaboration with the Center for Sustainability
Presentation video

February 3, 2023
Science Colloquium: What Local Ecological Knowledge Tells Us about Ecological Change
Presenter: Jason Hamilton, professor, Environmental Studies and Science, Ithaca College     
* this presenter was hosted by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment
Presentation video
Presentation slides

January 30, 2023
Sustainability Perspectives series: Challenging Pronatalism: The Key to Advancing Reproductive Rights and a Sustainable Population
Presenter: Nandita Bajaj, executive director, Population Balance  bio
Presentation video
Presentation slides

January 27, 2023
Science ColloquiumAdventures in Africa – Drilling Water Wells while Exploring the Culture and Wildlife of Tanzania
Presenter: David A. V. Eckhardt, retired hydrogeologist, U.S. Geological Survey   bio
* this presenter was hosted by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment
Presentation video
Presentation slides


December 5, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives: Challenges to Cayuga Lake and Opportunities to Protect It
Liz Kreitinger, steward and executive director, Cayuga Lake Watershed Network   bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

November 17, 2022
Sustainability Special: How Does Your Garden Grow?
The State of Gardening in the Wider Aurora Area v 2.0 Presentation slides
2022 Public Presentation of Garden Research Presentation slides

November 9, 2022
Sustainable Business series: Collaboration is a Long View Game
Rachael Ristau '15, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Bigelow Tea Company   bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

November 7, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Decolonizing Textiles
Sarah Gotowka, textile artist, Luna Fiber Studio     bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides - part 1
Presentation slides - part 2

October 31, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability Impacts of the NYS Cannabis Industry - A "Triple Bottom Line" Analysis
Dmitry Liapitch '10, Staff Engineer - Carbon Management Strategies, Kohler Inc.  bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

October 27, 2022
Sustainability Dinner: Cooking with Soy
This special event was held in collaboration with the Community Education program at Cayuga Community College (CCC) and was held at CCC's Culinary Institute.
Guest presenter: Adam Potenza, owner, Ithaca Soy
Guest chef: Luke Szabo, Scratch Farmhouse Catering
Webinar recording

October 25, 2022
Sustainability FilmNature's Clean-Up Crew

October 17, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Tompkins Food Future: Toward a More Resilient, Equitable and Healthy Food System
Katie Hallas, Community Food System Plan coordinator, Tompkins County  bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

October 4, 2022
Sustainable Business series: Discovering your Future in the Meta Dimensions of Sustainability
Mark Coleman, president, Convergence Mitigation Management, author of "The Dignity Doctrine: Rational Relations in an Irrational World"  bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

September 27, 2022
Sustainability Film series: Uninvited - the Spread of Invasive Species
Watch this film
Presenter: Matt Gallo, Terrestrial Program Outreach Coordinator, Finger Lakes PRISM   bio
Q&A recording

September 26, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Dealing with Climate Anxiety
Presenter: Adele Houghton, president, Biositu LLC    bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

September 14, 2022
Bread+Puppet Domestic Resurrection Circus
Presentation recording

September 12, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Microplastics in Local Air, Rain and Snow
Presenter: Susan Allen, professor and chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College   bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides

April 21, 2022
Sustainability SpecialAround the World in 90 Minutes
Presenter: Marty Essen, author, "Cool Creatures, Hot Planet"  bio

April 19, 2022
Sustainability Film: Kiss the Ground

April 18, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Research Perspectives at the Intersections of Climate and Energy Justice
Presenter: Daniel Carrión, assistant professor, Environmental Health Sciences, Yale School of Public Health, and director of Education, Yale Center on Climate Change and Health  bio
Presentation recording  

April 11, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Merlin, eBird, and the power of the birding community
Presenter: Cullen Hanks, project manager, Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology   bio
Presentation recording

March 28, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Genetically Engineered Trees - No Solution to Climate Change
Presenter: Theresa Church, assistant director, Global Justice Ecology Project; coordinator, Campaign to STOP GE Trees   bio
Presentation recording 
Presentation slides

March 23, 2022
Sustainability FilmOverload - America's Toxic Love Story

March 8, 2022
Sustainable Business series: Sustainability at ALDI
Presenter: Amber Hardy, director of Facilities, Systems and Sustainability, ALDI Inc.  bio
Presentation recording 
Presentation slides

March 7, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: Moving an Upstate New York County Toward "Net-Zero"
Presenter: Terry Carroll, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tompkins County    bio
Presentation recording   
Presentation slides

February 25, 2022
Science ColloquiumInsights into Future Drought Risk for the Northeastern United States
Presenter:  Colin Evans '12,  PhD. candidate, Emergent Climate Risk Lab (ECRL),  Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University  bio
Presentation recording   
Presentation slides  1
Presentation slides 2
The Center for Sustainability was the host for this presentation in the Science Colloquium series.

February 23, 2022
Sustainable Business series: Retailers Reaching for Net-Zero
Presenter: Scot Case, VP for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, National Retail Federation  bio
Presentation recording   
Presentation slides

February 16, 2022
Sustainability FilmSeed - The Untold Story

February 11, 2022
Science ColloquiumReflections on Over 500 blog posts
Presenter: Tom Pfaff, professor and chair, Department of Mathematics, Ithaca College    bio
Presentation slides
The Center for Sustainability was the host for this presentation in the Science Colloquium series.

February 9, 2022
Visiting Writers series: Madeline ffitch
Evening presentation recording
The Center for Sustainability and the Environment was a co-sponsor for this event.

January 31, 2022
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Soil Factory Network - Advancing the Circular Bionutrient Economy
Presenter: Rebecca Nelson, professor, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University   bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slides


December 9, 2021
Sustainability Capstone presentation: Exploring the Sustainable Gardening Practices of the Southern Cayuga Community
Presenter: James Stover '22
Presentation recording

December 1, 2021
Sustainability SpeakerGrounding: From Theory to Practice and Back Again
Nance Klehm, founder, Social Ecologies    bio
Presentation recording
Presentation slide set 1
Presentation slide set 2
Presentation slide set 3
Presentation slide set 4

November 11, 2021
Sustainability Special: How Does Your Garden Grow?
2021 Summer research team: Dr. Laura McClusky, Dr. Ernie Olson, Feleesha Jones '23, Angie Otterbein '22, James Stover '22
Presentation video

November 8, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives: Generating Sustainable Solutions for the Future
Presenter: Matt Goodman, asset manager, Generate Capital    bio
Presentation video 

November 1, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives: Saving Seabirds - Lessons from Puffins about Sustainability
Presenter: Dr. Stephen Kress, founder, Project Puffin, National Audubon Society   bio
Presentation video

October 21, 2021
Sustainable BusinessSustaining Rural Communities through Impact Investing
Presenter: Karin Gregory, J.D., '80, founder, Blue Highway Capital   bio
Presentation video
Presentation (PDF)

October 19, 2021
Sustainability Film2040

October 18, 2021
Sustainability PerspectivesIntroduction to Environmental Justice
Presenter: Mariah Davis, Senior Policy & Campaigns Manager, Choose Clean Water Coalition   bio
Presentation video
Presentation (PDF)

October 9. 2021
Fall Weekend Alumni panel discussion: Environmental Justice for All: Why Our World Needs Innovation and Optimism Now More Than Ever
Wells College alumni: Deb Callahan '85, moderator, CEO, National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
Colin Evans '12, Ph.D. Candidate, Atmospheric Science, Cornell University
Dana Grover '21, Energy Analyst, ICF
Dmitry Liapitch '10, Sustainability Consultant, Larsen Engineers
Rachel Partington '15, Environmental Law, Associate Attorney, Knauf Shaw LLP
Presentation video 

October 5, 2021
Fall Foliage Eco-Cruise

September 28, 2021
Sustainability Film series: The Human Element

September 27, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: Human Composting - an ecological death care option
Presenter: Anna Swenson, customer and communications manager, ReCompose   bio
Presentation video
Presentation (PDF)

September 20, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: How Do Packaging Engineers View Sustainable Packing Solutions? 
Presenter: Daniel Johnson, chair and professor, Department of Packaging Science, College of Engineering Technology, RIT   bio
Presentation video
Presentation (PDF)

September 14, 2021
Sustainable Business series: Role of Business in Climate Action
Presenter: Rajiv Ramchandra, founder, In Wise Company  bio
Presentation video
Presentation (PDF)

September 13, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: How Can We Partner With the Rest of Nature?
Presenter: Kristin Ohlson, author, The Soil Will Save Us  bio
Presentation video   
Presentation (PDF)

April 27, 2021
Sustainable Business series: Winning the Future with Sustainability at MetLife
Presenter: Emily Adams, senior Sustainability lead, MetLife   bio
Presentation video

April 19 - 23, 2021
Earth Week 2021 (events organized by Wells Campus Greens)

April 19, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: Permaculture: Systems Thinking and Scalable Holistic Design
Presenter: Mandy Merklein '82, ecologist, activist, educator, co-founder of Permacultura Mediterranea  bio
Presentation video  

March 30, 2021
Sustainable Business series: The Business Case for Sustainability? It's the Wrong Question.
Presenter: Martin Wolf, director of Sustainability & Authenticity, Seventh Generation Inc.  bio
Presentation video

March 29, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: Changing the Way America Eats: The Challenges and Potential of Plant Forward Dining
Presenter: Taylor Reid, assistant professor, Applied Food Studies, Culinary Institute of America   bio
Presentation video

March 22, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: How to 'Green' Your Wardrobe
Presenter: Beth Fiteni, founder and director, Green Inside and Out   bio
Presentation video

March 15, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability and Waste: Moving Beyond Diversion and Recycling
Presenter: Abbie Webb, director of Sustainability, Casella Waste Systems Inc.   bio
Presenter video

March 1, 2021
Sustainability Perspectives series: Climate Change Vulnerabilities in the Finger Lakes: What We Can Do About It
Presenter: David Wolfe, professor, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University   bio
Presentation video

February 16, 2021
Sustainability Speaker series: Be the Change!
Presenter: Rob Greenfield, adventurer, activist
Presentation video


November 17, 2020
Sustainable Business series: The Eco-Economics of Sustainable Manufacturing
Presenter: Bob Bechtold, president, HARBEC Inc.  bio
Presentation video

November 16
Sustainability Perspectives series: Three Birds, One Stone: Ending One Small City's Food Insecurity, Social Isolation and Economic Stagnation
Presenter: Tanzania Roach '99, International consultant, educator, certified Permaculture Teacher Trainer, certified Permaculture Designer   bio
We regret that no recording for this event is available due to system errors.

October 27
Sustainable Business series: Imagine This!
Presenter: Jennifer Porter '98, vice president, GBB Inc.   bio
Presentation video

October 26
Sustainability Perspectives series:  Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Pre- and Post-COVID-19
Presenter: Megan Epler Wood, managing director, Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program (STAMP), Cornell University  bio
Presentation video

October 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: What Does Toxic-Free Look Like? The example of PFAS in Food Packaging
Presenter: Bobbi Wilding, co-founder and deputy director, Clean and Healthy New York   bio
Presentation video

October 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: Energy Democracy with Local Carbon Offsets
Presenter: Gay Nicholson, founder, FInger Lakes Climate Fund   bio
Presentation video

September 19
Sustainability Perspectives series:  Climate Change and Sports
Presenter: Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Visiting Scholar in Residence, Ithaca College   bio
Presentation video

March 4
Sustainability Film series:  2 Degrees - The Point of No Return

February 19
Sustainability Film series: Blue

February 10
Sustainability Perspectives series: The effects of fire management on ecosystem services and geochemical cycling in traditional Maya swidden agroecosystems
Presenter: Tomasz Falkowski, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University

February 5
Sustainable Business series:  Can Harnessing the Power of the Ocean Change the World?
Presenter: Terence J. Cryan, Chairman of the Board, Ocean Power Technologies

February 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: Getting Where We Need to Be: The Imperative of Sustainable Transportation
Presenter: Fernando deAragon, executive director, Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council


November 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Regenerative Agriculture in Action
Presenter: Rebecca Haag '74, Island Grown Initiative

October 22
Sustainability Film series: A Fierce Green Fire

October 21
Sustainability Perspectives series: Purpose-Led Careers: Fact or Fiction?
Presenter: Monica Touesnard, associate director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University

September 17
Sustainability Speaker series: Drawdown Rising: Solutions, Leadership, and a Path Forward for the Climate Crisis
Katherine Wilkinson, VP for Communications and Engagement, Project Drawdown

September 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Our Changing Menu: What Climate Change Means to the Foods we Love and Need
Presenter: Mike Hoffman, executive director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions

September 19
Sustainable Business series: Financing the Clean Energy Transition and the Role of State and Local Green Banks
Curtis Probst, Co-CEO, NYCEEC

September 16
Sustainability Perspectives series: Protecting and Promoting Water Resources of the Finger Lakes
Presenter: Lisa Cleckner, director, Finger Lakes Institute

September 11
Sustainability Film series: Once Was Water

September 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: What is a Waterway Anyway?
Presenter: Daniel Rinn, PhD candidate, Department of History, University of Rochester
Presentation slides  Presentation notes

April 29
Sustainability senior capstone presentation: The Misconception about Non-Native Species
Presenter: Curtis Davis '19, double major in Biology and Sustainability

April 26
Sustainability Film series: A Quest for Meaning

April 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Promise of Silvopasture
Presenter: Steve Gabriel, farmer, extension specialist for Cornell Small Farms Program, and author of "Silvopasture: A Guide to Managing Grazing Animals, Forage Crops, and Trees in a Temperate Farm Ecosystem"

April 17
Sustainable Business series: Sustainable Wine Making in the Finger Lakes - Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Peter FitzRandolph, wine industry consultant, Finger Lakes Sustainable Strategies

April 8
Sustainability Perspectives series: Alive or Undead? Wild Food Foraging and the Fear of a Zombie Apocalypse
Presenter: Taylor Reid, assistant professor of Applied Food Studies, Culinary Institute of America

April 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: “God’s in his heaven— All’s right with the world”: The power of story in communicating climate change
Presenter: Fae Dremock, assistant professor, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

March 27
Sustainable Business series: Integrating Sustainability into Small/Medium-sized Businesses in NYS
Presenters: Hormoz Movassaghi, professor of Finance and International Business and Narges Kasiri, associate professor of Management, Ithaca College School of Business

March 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Recycling is Mightier than the Sword
Presenter: Theresa Evans, recycling specialist, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA)

March 21
Sustainable Business series: What Businesses Can Do to Reduce their Climate Change Impacts
Presenter: Mark Buckley, Founder and CEO, One Boat Collaborative; former VP for Environmental Affairs, Staples Inc.

March 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Fashion Sustainability Optimism: On Pace for a Healthier Fashion Industry
Presenter: Laura Taylor, instructor of Fashion Business Merchandising, Genesee Community College

February 18
Seed Starting workshop
Presenter: Jessie Cramer, horticulture program manager, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

February 18
Sustainability Perspectives series:  The State of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Land Use Policy in NY
Presenter: Rachel Partington '13, J.D., attorney, Knauf Shaw LLP

February 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Change is in the Air: Global Climate Change from a NY Perspective
Presenter: Art DeGaetano, director, NOAA Northeast Regional Climate Center

February 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainable Architecture - exploring and unraveling elements of healthy, livable and resilient buildings and communities
Presenter: Dennis Andrejko, head, Department of Architecture, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology


November 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth for a Sustainable Cayuga
Presenter: J. Justin Woods, county administrator, Cayuga County

November 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: Changing How Schools Feed Kids: Healthy & Sustainable!
Presenter: Amie Hamlin, executive director, NY Coalition for Healthy School Food

October 29
Sustainability Perspectives series: Introducing WELL: Putting the Human First
Presenter: Courtney Royal, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, senior sustainability consultant, TAITEM Engineering

October 25
Sustainable Business series: From Ecological Overshoot to Future-Proof Businesses
Presenter: Jussi Nikula, Environmental Footprint Programme lead, World Wildlife Fund-FInland
* Mr. Nikula's appearance at Wells College was made possible through the Fulbright Scholar Program's Outreach Lecturing Fund.

October 24
Sustainability Film series: How to Let Go of the World and Love the Things Climate Can't Change

October 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: Opening More Sustainable Doors (and Windows)
Presenter: Deb Callahan '85, CEO, National Fenestration Rating Council

October 15
Sustainability Perspectives series: Climate Change Attitudes and Social Networks
Presenter: Scott Erickson, professor of Marketing, Ithaca College

October 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: Thinking Historically, Acting Locally: The Power of Local Environmental History
Presenter: Michael Smith, associate professor, Department of History, Ithaca College

September 26
Sustainable Business series: The Future is Grown
Presenter: Gavin McIntyre, co-founder and chief scientist, Ecovative Design September 24

September 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: What is an Energy Smart Community?
Presenter: Charleen Heidt, community outreach coordinator, Energy Smart Community program, New York State Electric and Gas

September 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: Resource and Waste Implications of the Consumer Electronic Product Ecosystem
Presenter: Callie Babbitt, associate professor of sustainability, Golisano Institute of Technology, RIT

September 12
Sustainability FilmThe Secret of the Oceans - Climate Control

September 10
Sustainability Perspectives series: Municipal Sustainability in Ithaca NY
Presenter: Nick Goldsmith, sustainability coordinator, City of Ithaca and Town of Ithaca

April 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Long-term Changes in Mountain Ecosystems - Human-landscape Interactions
Presenter: Jana Müllerová, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
* Dr. Müllerová's appearance at Wells College was made possible through the Fulbright Scholar Program's Outreach Lecturing Fund.

April 25
Sustainability Film series: FLOW - For the Love of Water

April 22-28
Earth Week programming

April 23
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Future of Reproductive Rights in an Era with CRISPR
Presenter: Jonathan Mills '18, senior Sustainability major capstone presentation, Wells College

April 16
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability and Our Food
Presenter: Meg Lowe, sustainability coordinator, Syracuse University; Zainab Pixler and Andrew Greenwald, students, Syracuse University

April 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: Roots and Fruits: The Foundations and Evolution of a Sustainable School
Presenter: Barb Post '78 and Alyssa Binns Gunderson, Peachtown Elementary School

April 9
Visiting Writers series: Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology
Presenters: Melissa Tuckey, poet and editor of Ghost Fishing, and Mukoma Wa Nugugi, assistant professor of English, Cornell University
This event co-sponsored by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment

April 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability in NYS Parks
Presenters: Michael Wise, director of Energy and Sustainability, NYS Parks and Fred Bonn, director, Finger Lakes Parks

March 26 (this talk was canceled - has been rescheduled for Fall 2018)
Sustainability Perspectives series: Opening More Sustainable Doors (and Windows)
Presenter: Deb Callahan '85, CEO, National Fenestration Ratings Council

March 2 (this talk was canceled - has been rescheduled for Fall 2018)
Sustainability Perspectives series: Municipal Sustainability in Ithaca NY
Presenter: Nick Goldsmith, sustainability coordinator, City of ithaca and Town of Ithaca

February 26
Sustainability Perspectives series: Making an Impact with Sustainable Supply Chains
Presenter: Patricia Donohue, sustainable supply chain program manager, NYS Pollution Prevention Institute

February 21
Sustainability Film series: Bag It! Is Your Life Too Plastic?

February 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: Climate Change, Careers in Green Buildings, and What More You Can Do
Presenter: Ian Shapiro, Taitem Engineering

February 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Preservation - How History Sustains Us|
Presenter: Andrew Roblee' 11, Cultural Resources Associate, Environmental Design and Research

February 6
Sustainable Business series: The Transformative Power of ReUse
Presenter: Diane Cohen, executive director, Finger Lakes ReUse

February 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustaining Culture to Sustain the Community: The Case of Easter Island
Presenters: Carl Lipo and Pam Mischen, SUNY Binghamton


November 13
Sustainability Perspectives series: Hope for the Climate (even with a partisan Congress)
Presenter: Nancy Jacobson, Citizens Climate Lobby

November 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Building Foundations of Sustainability in Kindergarten
Presenter: Heather Frost '09, outdoor education teacher, Ithaca Montessori School

November 1
Sustainability Film series:  Death By Design

October 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: A Living Experiment: What We Can Learn from EcoVillage Ithaca
Presenter: Liz Walker, co-founder and executive director, EcoVillage Ithaca; director, Learn@EcoVillage; author

October 23
Sustainable Business series: The Great Pivot: Freeing Up Humans to do Meaningful Work
Presenter: Dan Smolen, managing director, The Green Suits LLC

October 23
Sustainability Perspectives series: Conserving the Lands and Waters of the Finger Lakes
Presenter: Andrew Zepp, executive director, Finger Lakes Land Trust

October 16, 2017
Sustainability Perspectives series: A Virginia Master Gardener's Perspective: A Model for Public Education on Environmentally Sound Horticulture Practices
Presenter: Nancy Tillinghast '69, Virginia Master Gardener

October 4
Maker Day - an opportunity to come make things. We provide the materials; you supply the creativity.

October 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability in Practice: The DEC's Approach to Managing New York State's Waters
Presenter: Anthony Prestigiacomo, research scientist, Finger Lakes Water Hub

September 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Gardening in a Changing Climate|
Presenter: Donna Levy, environmental education outreach coordinator, Cornell Botanic Gardens

September 19
Sustainable Business series: Extended Producer Responsibility: The Next Frontier in Solid Waste Management
Presenter: Andrew Radin, chair, NY Product Stewardship Council; director, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

September 18
Sustainability Perspectives series: Revitalizing the Environment in Afghanistan
Presenter: Mariam Raqib '97, founder and director, Afghanistan Samsortya

September 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Can Psychology Help Promote Homeowner Energy Conservation? Results from a town-gown collaborative experiment
Co-presenters: Kathryn Caldwell, assistant professor of Psychology, Ithaca College and Elisabeth Harrod, general manager, Snug Planet

April 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: Teaching critical thinking and media literacy through sustainability education|
Presenter: Chris Sperry, director of curriculum and staff development, Project LookSharp

April 20
Sustainability Film series: The Age of Consequences

April 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: The League of Women Voters and Effective Citizenship: Informed Work on Legislation, Lobbying and Educating the Public
Presenter: Kay Wagner, chair, Natural Resources Committee, League of Women Voters of Tompkins County

April 17 - 22  Earth Week 2017 

April 12
Sustainable Business series:  Fit, Fits, Foils and Fortune? Freestyling with Venture Capital around the Triple Bottom Line
Presenter: Pat Govang, Technology Licensing Officer, Cornell University; founder, E2E Materials

April 5
Community Solar presentation|
Presenter: Sarah Kelsen from Renovus Solar

April 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: From Barn to Home: One Woman's Building Adventures
Presenter: Deborah Jones, artist and adaptive reuser

March 29
FNIS Speaker series: "Stopping Violence Against Native Women" (Skype conference)
Presenter: Winona LaDuke, rural development economist and author working on issues of sustainable development, renewable energy and food systems.
The Center for Sustainability was a co-sponsor for this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

March 27
Sustainability Perspectives series: Invasive Species: A Challenge to the Environment, Economy and Society
Presenter: Hilary Mosher, coordinator, Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM)

March 7
FNIS Speaker series: Healing for Peace
Presenter: Freida Jacques, Turtle Clan Mother, Onondaga Nation
The Center for Sustainability was a co-sponsor for this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

March 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Demystifying Socially Responsible and Impact Investing
Presenter: Greg Pitts, financial advisor, Natural Investments, LLC

February 27
Sustainability Perspectives series: Resilient Seeds in a Changing Climate
Presenter: Petra Page-Mann, co-founder, Fruition Seeds

February 23
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: the basics and an update on the current NYS infestation
Presenter: Stefan Lutter, Environmental Resource educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County

February 20
Sustainability Perspectives series: Redemption! The recovery of America's Most Polluted Natural Lake
Presenter: Tom Vawter, associate scientist, EcoLogic LLC, and emeritus faculty, Wells College

February 13
Sustainability Perspectives series: Thinking Spatially
Presenter: Nick Hollingshead, geospatial analyst, Cornell University

February 8
FNIS Speaker series: Why I Went to Standing Rock: Reflections from An Air Force Veteran and Climate Warrior
Presenter: Air Force Senior Master Sgr. Colleen Boland, retired
The Center for Sustainability and the Environment was a co-sponsor of this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

February 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Organics and Food Waste: Successfully Turning a Waste Problem into a Resource Opportunity
Presenter: Greg Gelewski, recycling operations manager, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

January 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Reflections on the Paris Agreement: What's Next
Presenter: Allison Chatrchyan, director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions


November 14
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Language of Waste, Consumption, & Sustainability
Presenter: Deb Gagnon, professor, Psychology, Wells College

November 7
Sustainability Perspectives series: Auburn Permaculture Park: A source for Community Transformation
Presenters: Peter Cramer and Laura Kennedy, co-founders, Auburn Permaculture Park

November 1
Sustainability Film series: Just Eat It

October 26
Hydrilla Update - Cayuga Lake Intermunicipal Organization meeting

October 25
Sustainability Film series: The True Cost

October 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: Oxygen and Early Animals: Modern Implications of Ancient Geologic Records
Presenter: Shuhai Xiao, professor, Geobiology, Virginia Tech (Phi Beta Kappa speaker)

October 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustenance and Sustainability - A Personal Reflection on Food, Wellness and Sustainability
Presenter: Laticia McNaughton, SUNY Buffalo (Wells In-Residence scholar)

October 6
Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
Presenter: Monika Roth, agriculture educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

October 4
Sustainable Business series: How Money Responds to Climate Risk
Presenter: Vita DeMarchi, managing partner, Synapse Partners LLC

October 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Importance of Getting outdoors: and why it's not always so easy
Presenter: Rachel Danford, outdoor educator, The Discovery Museums

September 26
Sustainability Perspectives series: Cayuga Lake is not Forever - We Must Protect it Better
Presenter: Hilary Lambert, Lake Steward, Cayuga Lake Watershed Network

September 24
Natural Dye Workshop
Presenter: Sarah Gotowka, visual artist

September 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: Haudenosaunee Biocultural Restoration
Presenter: Neil Patterson, associate director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, SUNY-ESF

September 13
Sustainable Business series: Sustainable Sweets (improving the candy industry one truffle at a time)
Presenter: Darlynne Overbaugh '01, owner and head confectioner, Life's So Sweet Chocolates

September 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Harnessing the Power of the Earth and Sun: geothermal systems and battery storage
Presenter: Jesse Cook, president, Geotherm Inc.

September 5
Peachtown Native American Festival presentation:  "Mni Wiconi" - Water is Life
Presenter: Cody Two Bears, member, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council

April 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Breaking Down Compost – the ins and outs of soiling our earth
Presenter: Kurt Pipa, Master Composter

April 18
Sustainability Perspectives series: Management and Citizen Science at New York State Parks
Presenters: Tom Hughes and Josh Teeter, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

April 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Terra Preta de Indio – pre-historic curio or future landuse model?
Presenter: Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University

April 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Feasibility of Aquaponic Food Production in New York
Presenter: Paula Turkon, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

March 28
Sustainability Perspectives series: Local Bugs, Local Jobs
Presenter: Carol Glenister, IPM Laboratories, Inc.

March 7
Sustainability Perspectives series: "An All-of-the-Above Renewable Energy Future"
Art Weaver, co-founder and president, Weaver Wind Energy Inc.

February 29
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustainability Ethics"
Ron Meyers, Ron Meyers & Associates, Inc.

February 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: "What's in Cayuga Lake? A look into the pharmaceutical and consumer products in the Cayuga Lake watershed"
Susan Allen-Gil, professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

February 15
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Debrief from the 2015 AASHE Conference"
Stephen Armstrong '16 and Holli Erkson '16, students, Wells College

February 8
Sustainable Business series: "Role of Business in Designing a Sustainable Economy"
Laura Ornstein, coordinator, New York State Sustainable Business Council

February 8
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Gendered and Racialized Spaces: Understanding the Experiences of women in the New York City Community Garden Environment"
Richaela Primus '12, Master's candidate, SUNY-School of Environmental Science and Forestry

February 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Recycling of Used Agricultural Plastics in New York"
Nate Leonard, NYS Field Coordinator, NYRAPP

January 26
Deer and Deer Management in New York State - Session 2
Wells College hosted this community webinar offered by NYS DEC, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell Human Dimensions Research Unit

January 20
Deer Management in New York State - Session 1 
Wells College hosted this community webinar offered by NYS DEC, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell Human Dimensions Research Unit


November 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: “Sustainable Burial? Way to Go!”
Jennifer L. Johnson, Co-director and Burial Coordinator, Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve

November 16
Sustainability Perspectives series:  "Learning How to Mourn Environmental Losses"
Nancy Menning, assistant professor, philosophy and religion, Ithaca College

November 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Invasive Threats to Water Quality"
Bruce Natale, P.E., Environmental Engineer, Cayuga County Planning and Economic Development

November 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: “Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests”
Steve Gabriel, co-founder, Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute and agroforestry specialist, Cornell Small Farms Program

October 26  (this talk was canceled due to speaker conflict; not rescheduled)
Sustainability Perspectives series: “You, Your Brain and the World All Around”
David Mumm, founder, Aurora Institute for Accelerating Human Development

October 21
Sustainability Speaker series: "Turning the Tide - How Young Leaders are Winning a Just and Livable Future"
Dominic Frongillo, Elected Officials to Protect New York

October 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Informed Consumer and Active Citizen - Essential Paths to Toxics Protections" 
Rebecca Ruggles, director, Maryland Environmental Health Network

October 7
Sustainability Film: Cowspiracy

October 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Does a River Still Run Through It?  Water and Culture Along the Upper Missouri"
Ernie Olson, professor, anthropology and religion, Wells College

September 28
Sustainability Perspectives series: “Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture”   
Peter Wright, State Conservation Engineer, Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture

September 23
Sustainable Business series: "Sustainability at Wegmans"
Jason Wadsworth, Sustainability Manager, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

September 21
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Restoration and Reciprocity: Finding Common Ground between Scientific and Traditional Ecological Knowledge"
Robin Wall Kimmerer, director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
* this talk was presented in conjunction with the Peachtown Native American Festival

September 14
Sustainability Perspectives series: “A Return to Meaningful Work as a Strategy for Achieving Sustainability”
Kent Klitgaard, professor, economics, Wells College

April 14
Sustainability Speaker series: "The Whole Fracking Enchilada"
Sandra Steingraber, author of "Living Downstream"

April 9
Sustainable Business series: “Staples’ Sustainability Story… the Continuous Journey”
Mark Buckley, VP for Environmental Affairs, Staples Inc.

April 6
Sustainable Business series:  “Adventures in Clean Tech Investing”
Terence Cryan, managing director, Concert Energy Partners

March 30
Entrepreneurship Week Keynote Speaker: "Do Cool Sh*t"
Miki Agrawal, serial social entrepreneur

March 20
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors towards Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis"
Srijana Bajracharya, professor and chair, Health Promotion and Physical Education, Ithaca College

March 19
Sustainability Film series: "Comfort Zone" with filmaker talk-back

March 18
Sustainable Business series:  “How to Build a Purpose-Led Marketing Platform”
Jim Armstrong, founder, Good For Business

March 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: "From Lab to Regulation: How Should Science Inform Policy?" 
Jay Goodman, associate counsel, Couch White LLP

February 24
Seed Saving Workshop
Chrys Gardener, Commercial/Community Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County 

February 20
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustainability Science"
Jason Hamilton, professor and chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

February 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Learning from Hach Winik: Tales of Naturalized Knowledge and Scientific Research"
Tomasz Falkowski , PhD candidate, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

February 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Organic Gardening: Why it Matters and How to Do It"
Rosaly Swann Bass '58, author of "Organic!"


December 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Lighten Your Study Abroad Footprint"
Astrid Jirka, director, Cornell University Language House and founder, Green Passport

October 31
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Permaculture: Designing with Systems"
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, SEEDS (Strategy, Education, & Ecological Design for Sustainability) Consulting and Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute  

October 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustain This! Making Math Matter"
Tom Pfaff, associate professor of mathematics, Ithaca College

October 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Reimaging Water"
Mara Alper, associate professor of media arts, sciences and studies, Ithaca College

September 23
Sustainability Film: "Disruption, Climate Change"

September 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: "The Iroquois White Corn Project"
Kevin White, assistant professor, Native American & American Studies, SUNY Oswego

September 3
Sustainability Perspectives series:  "Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning"
Anne P. Taylor '55, Ph.D., president, School Zone Institute