Digital Marketing

From must-follow social feeds to customized email campaigns, every industry needs digital marketing teams who connect consumers with their brands.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields on the planet. It’s also one of the best paying, with an average starting salary of $57,000. Our new digital marketing program prepares you for this exciting career path.

This new program puts you at the center of an essential field that touches nearly every industry today. Integrated with our established business and marketing offerings, this digital marketing major is focused on the most vital, in-demand skills that entry-level marketing coordinators and managers need to succeed.

Digital marketing, often referred to as online marketing, refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the internet. Businesses and nonprofits leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to engage with current and prospective customers. This also includes strategic communication efforts executed via video, text, and multimedia.

Staying on top of the latest trends and innovations within the field of digital marketing is a huge challenge for both businesses and colleges, and this hybrid program was created with those challenges in mind. Developed in consultation with Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, and startups, this program is designed to teach you the core digital marketing concepts they’re looking for.

You’ll take roughly 1/3 of your coursework online with remote faculty experts, and the rest of your classes on campus with Wells faculty and peers. Some of the foundational skills you’ll master in the program include:

  • Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Data analytics
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing

In addition to learning about viral and influencer marketing techniques, data mining, and lead generation, you’ll also create complex digital marketing campaigns individually and in groups. More immersive experiences are available through our Sullivan Center for Business and Entrepreneurship and our local internship network, which includes dozens of alumni-sponsored sites at nearby businesses, tourism destinations, and nonprofits.

What You’ll Learn as a Digital Marketing Major

  • How to identify marketing opportunities and create cross-channel marketing strategies
  • How to match your marketing goals to the right digital tactics
  • How to build effective content marketing strategies
  • How to measure the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns in relation to business goals and objectives.

Internship and Study Abroad Opportunities

All Wellsians have access to meaningful local internships, many of which are offered by Wells alumni and alumnae who have established themselves as leaders in their fields. Internships are a great way to determine what areas of digital marketing might interest you most, while also offering valuable career networking opportunities.

Some recent Wells internships took place at:

  • Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Cornell University
  • HPM Tech, Ithaca, New York
  • Inns of Aurora
  • Therm Inc.,  Ithaca, New York
  • Canandaigua Wine Co., Canandaigua, New York
  • Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, Aurora, New York

Career Options for Digital Marketing Majors

A bachelor’s degree in digital marketing can open the door to a wide range of careers.  A few examples include

  • Content Manager & Strategist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • SEO/SEM Specialist

Required Courses

Credits required for major: 51-54 credits.

Core (12 courses, 36 to 38 credit hours):

  • BUS201 Principles of Management 3 OR THEA201 Arts Management (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS202 Principles of Marketing (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS250 Innovation: Creative Problem Solving (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS290/390 Internship in Business (2-4 sem. hrs)
  • BUS302 Brand Management (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS402 Senior Seminar in Business (4 sem. hrs)
  • MATH151 Elementary Statistics (3 sem. hrs.)
  • DM200 Social Media Marketing (3 sem. hours)
  • DM201 Email Marketing (3 sem. hrs)
  • DM301 Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (3 sem. hrs)
  • DM300 Digital Marketing Analytics (3 sem. hrs)
  • DM202 Viral & Organic Growth (3 sem. hrs)

Electives (Choose 5 courses, 15-16 credit hours):

  • BUS203 Social Entrepreneurship (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS204 Business Analytics (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS306 Business Ethics (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS307 Marketing Analytics (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS350 Business Strategy (3 sem. hrs)
  • BUS360 Strategic Marketing and E-commerce (3 sem. hrs)
  • ART127/BKRT 127 Introduction to Graphic Design (3 sem. hrs)
  • ART261 Photographic Digital Imaging (3 sem. hrs)
  • ART262 Introduction to Video Art (3 sem. hrs)
  • ARTH251 A Cultural History of Photography (3 sem. hrs.)
  • ARTH235 Contemporary Art (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BKRT220 Digital Book and Graphic Design (3 sem. hrs)
  • POLS201 Media and Politics (3 sem. hrs)
  • PSY370 Sensation and Perception (3 sem. hrs)
  • PSY224 Social Psychology (3 sem. hrs)
  • SOC331 Mass Media and Society (3 sem. hrs)
  • SS394 Research Methods for the Social Sciences (4 sem. hrs.)

Other Areas of Study