Sustainable Food Systems

We all eat. But what we eat — and where we get what we eat — significantly impacts our world.

Classification: Minor

The sustainable food systems minor enables you to investigate the challenges of the current global food system by exploring the cultural meanings of food and the social and physical conditions under which we grow and consume foods.

You’ll also acquire the skills needed to help build a more sustainable world—skills that easily translate to complement any major. Internships are available at area organic farms and farm markets, as well as with the Maya Mountain Research Farm in Belize.

The total number of courses required for the minor is 7 (18-20 semester hours).

Required Courses

All of the following (17-19 sem. hrs.)

  • ANTH 230 Culture and Gardens (3 sem. hrs.)
  • ANTH/FOOD 270 Anthropology and Food Studies (3 sem. hrs.)
  • ENVR 340 Sustainable Agriculture (3 sem. hrs.)
  • FOOD 290 Internship (2-4 sem. hrs.)
  • SOC 300 Humans, Animals and Interaction (3 sem. hrs.)
  • SUS 101 Introduction to Sustainability (3 sem. hrs.)

One of the following (1 sem. hr.)

  • FOOD 201 Introduction to Gardening (1 sem. hr.)
  • FOOD 202 Introduction to Cooking! (1 sem. hr.)

Other Areas of Study