Immediate Help

If you believe you or someone you known has been impacted by sexual misconduct or harassment, you are urged to immediately notify the police and/or seek medical attention.

Emergency Response

Wells Campus Safety: (315) 364-3229

Cayuga County Sheriff: 911

Confidential Health and Safety

Confidential Medical Resources:

A medical provider can provide emergency and/or follow-up medical services. The medical exam has two goals: first, to diagnose and treat the full extent of any injury or physical effect (including prevention of sexually transmitted illnesses and pregnancy), and second, to properly collect and preserve evidence. There is a limited window of time (usually within 96 hours) following an incident of sexual assault to preserve physical and other forms of evidence. Taking the step to gather evidence immediately does not commit an individual to any particular course of action. However, the decision to seek timely medical attention and gather evidence will preserve the full range of options to seek resolution under this policy or through the pursuit of criminal prosecution. All hospitals in the state of New York are required to provide care for victims of sexual assault in the Emergency Department.

Hospitals in the Area:
Auburn Community Hospital
17 Lansing Street, Auburn, NY 13021

Cayuga Medical Center
101 Dates Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850

Cayuga Medical Center provides a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) for examinations. This program employs a team approach to assist survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape with medical, emotional, and legal needs. With the survivor’s consent, a team of nurses, sexual assault counselors/advocates, doctors, and law enforcement work together to support the survivor.

New York State Department of Health designated Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) hospitals to provide specialized care to victims of sexual assault.

The goals of the SAFE program are to:

  1. Provide timely, compassionate, patient-centered care in a private setting that provides emotional support and reduces further trauma to the patient.
  2. Provide quality medical care to the patient who reports sexual assault, including evaluation, treatment, referral, and follow-up.
  3. Ensure the quality of collection, documentation, preservation, and custody of physical evidence by utilizing a trained, and New York State Department of Health certified sexual assault forensic examiner to perform the exam.
  4. Utilize an interdisciplinary approach by working with rape crisis centers and other service providers, law enforcement, and prosecutors’ offices to effectively meet the needs of the sexual assault victim and the community.
  5. Provide expert testimony when needed if the patient chooses to report the crime to law enforcement.
  6. Improve and standardize data regarding the incidence of sexual assault victims seeking treatment in hospital emergency departments.

The hospital and the Rape Crisis Program will not report the crime to the police unless the individual wants the crime reported. Reporting is an individual’s choice. An individual can also refuse any step of the evidence collection process. This is also their choice.

The hospital will not release evidence to the police without the individual’s written consent and will hold the evidence for 30 calendar days if they decide to make a police report later.

Other Hospitals in the Area:
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
301 Prospect Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13203

University Hospital SUNY Health Science Center
750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, NY 13210

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
1200 Driving Park Avenue, Newark, NY 14513

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
2 Coulter Road, Clifton Springs, NY 14432

Geneva General Hospital
(315) 787-4000
196 North Street, Geneva, NY 14456