Campus Dining & Events provides a variety of foods in our historic Dining Hall as well as the campus pub The Well.

In January of 2018, Wells implemented a new provider for our dining services, Hallmark Management Service, Inc. Hallmark’s management team worked quickly throughout the transition and is implementing new programs and services under Campus Dining & Events-such as a more convenient catering system, an “Eco To-Go” system using reusable containers, and expanded healthier offerings including increased vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Campus Dining & Events is evaluating facilities, planning menus, and determining ways to build on the current program. For full information including weekly menus, visit the new Campus Dining and Events website.

Express Cash

The Express Cash card is pre-paid card that can be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages at:

  • The Well
  • The Grind – our student run cafe in Zabriskie Hall
  • The College Store

You can add money to your Express Cash card by visiting the online card management page and loading value at your convenience.  

Commuter students can purchase a 5/10/19 swipes/week meal plan. The cost will be added to their student account. To purchase the plan, please visit our request form. Please allow 2-3 business days for the plan to be activated. For more information on each plan, visit Hallmark’s Campus Dining and Events website.

The Dining Hall

In the Dining Hall, students enjoy a family buffet style service featuring both comfort food and varied entrees, as well as a taco bar and an extensive salad bar along with homemade soups, from scratch pizza, and an array of desserts. The managing staff makes a wholehearted commitment to meet all necessary needs, whether it be vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, and offers healthy options under the Bite Right program. If you have dietary restrictions or special request for holidays and religious observances, please get in touch with the managing staff.

Resident students, as part of their room and meal plan fee, are automatically enrolled in a 19 swipe/week meal plan for the dining hall. Students also receive $100 of Dining Dollars each semester that can be used in the Well, the Grind, or the College Store each semester. Dining Dollars are automatically added to all resident students meal cards and are active the first day of meal service. Dining Dollars expire the last meal plan day of each semester and do not rollover to the following semester. 

Wells is committed to ecological sustainability and is a willing participant in the global initiative to create less waste and consume fewer resources with great emphasis placed on fresh local ingredients. Weekly menus are sent to the student, faculty and staff email lists.

The Well

The Well is an on-campus pub offering a pub-style menu, fountain soda, canned & draft beer (local & domestic), local & foreign wine. Located in Smith Hall below the Sommer Center.

The Grind

The Grind is a student-run café operating in Zabriskie Hall, offering coffee, tea, and assorted snacks and beverages. The management team is comprised of five students working together to operate and promote the café as a business. They earn internship credit and are organized through the Center for Business and Entrepreneurship.

The Golf Course Clubhouse Grill

The Golf Course Clubhouse Grill is located on the Wells College Golf Course. Beginning Dec. 3, 2023, each student is eligible to receive a $30 Clubhouse Express gift card to be picked up from Sommer Center with their college ID. The Clubhouse Express card is redeemable for meals and beverages at the Clubhouse. The menu includes a variety of fried foods, sandwiches, and alcoholic drinks.


Please check back often for catering information and menus as the kitchen is always creating new offerings to add to the menu!