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Job Search Resources
Placement Agencies
Transcript RequestOrder form for students currently enrolled and on campus, for teach-out transfers.
FERPA Release Form
Notification of Rights under FERPAThe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords eligible students certain rights with respect …
HEERF Report
21st Century Leadership AwardThis award celebrates high school juniors for their exemplary leadership demonstrated through academic performance, steadfast …
Readmission Applicationfor separated students looking to re-enter a college program.
Certificate of Finances for International Studentswho require a Certificate of Eligibility/I-20
RoadpieceRoadpiece for Amissions
ViewbookViewbook for Admissions
Photo ReleaseCollege’s official release for photography and videography.
Strategic Plan Refresh2023 Revision
American Sociological Association Quick Style Guide
Activism Series 2021 Community Guidelines
Wells Express Alert System Update
Critical Incident Response Plan
HEOA Missing Persons
Why Cheese Curds?
Textbook ListCollege Textbook list. Disclaimer: Prices, Titles, & Info Subject To Change Without Notice
Library MapLayout of the 3 floors of the library.
HIPAA Privacy Notice
Drug-free Workplace Policy
Security and Fire Safety Report
Student Handbook
Enrollment Statistics
Copyright Infringement Policy
Steps for Studying Off Campus
Off-Campus Study Programs Emergency Contact Information Form
Off-Campus Study Programs Consent and Release Form
Application for Approval for Off-Campus Study – Signature Form
Application for Approval for Off-Campus Study – Checklist
Wells in Florence Course ScheduleLdM Florence – Course Schedule Tentative
Wells College Sexual Misconduct Policy
Award for Excellence
Archive Permissions Page
Senior Thesis Cover Page
Rules for the Use of the Wells College Archives
HIPAA Acknowledgement
Notice on Meningococcal Disease
Health Form
Campus Map
Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability at Wells College
AAQEP Annual Report
College CatalogOfficial catalog of policies, programs, and courses.