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Benjamin Steiner

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Stratton 201


In April, Benjamin Steiner, Assistant professor of Health Sciences, submitted his paper titled “Smooth muscle cell derived Cxcl12 directs macrophage accrual and sympathetic innervation to control thermogenic adipose tissue” to Science. This is his second paper submitted this year with the first being published by Nature this February.

In February, Benjamin Steiner had his paper titled “Age-dependent platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta signaling drives adipocyte progenitor dysfunction to alter the beige adipogenic niche in male mice” accepted for publication in Nature Communications. He additionally has two other papers under review by Nature and Cell Metabolism.

In February, Lindsay Burwell and Benjamin Steiner were guest instructors for different sections of Cornell University’s Anatomy and Physiology lab (NS3420).  They delivered content on the peripheral nervous system and worked with students on understanding eye function and anatomy.