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80% of Wells classes are under 20 students
100% of Wells students graduate with at least one internship or experiential learning experience
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100% of Wells students graduate with at least one internship or experiential learning experience

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Our undergraduate academic programs connect classroom theory with applied learning in the field, offering opportunities to actually get involved with the work. These hands-on experiences, required in every program, assure that you will develop practical career skills as well as an intellectually-intense educational experience. The typical Wells classroom is small and discussion-based, much like a graduate school. Your educational journey will also be supported by rich mentorship and advising as you work one-on-one with faculty throughout your course of study—and beyond. To broaden your academic opportunities even more, we also have close affiliations and articulation programs with nearby institutions such as Cornell University, the University of Rochester, and Columbia University that offer a variety of accelerated academic tracks. 

Academic Programs at Wells


Anthropology is the study of humankind, which encompasses such topics as the origin and development of human society; the nature of human diversity in the past and present; ethnocentrism, world view and the roots of culture; and the differing ways in which peoples have adapted to environments and to other human groups.

Anthropology is available as a minor.

> More About Anthropology

Art History

Learn about different cultures and epochs of the past while gaining a deeper understanding of today's world through the study of art history. In addition to the required art history courses in the major, you should take two courses from history and/or religion. Students planning to pursue graduate study should also consider gaining a reading knowledge of French and German.

Art History is available as a concentration within the Visual Arts major or as a minor.

> More About Art History at Wells

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Explore areas which are at the interface of biology and chemistry. Conduct and present your own research, and pursue hands-on learning experiences based on your interests and career goals. You'll also get to work closely with top science professors who will challenge you to expand your horizons and support you as you apply what you have learned to new situations.

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major leads to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.

> More About Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Wells

Biological and Chemical Sciences

In the Biological and Chemical Sciences bachelor's degree program, you will learn by doing, with opportunities to participate in discovery labs, exciting internships in the New York area and across the country, paid research opportunities, and study abroad programs that enable you to take your study of biology and chemistry around the world. At the same time, you'll benefit from the personal guidance and close mentorship of top faculty at a small, private liberal arts college that encourages and empowers you to create your own projects and discover new interests.

The Biological and Chemical Sciences leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

> More About Biological and Chemical Sciences at Wells


At Wells College, Cayuga Lake and surrounding areas are your classrooms! Study the science of life at Wells' scenic lakeside campus amid the wild natural areas of Aurora, New York. Hike through the surrounding woods for botany or dissect specimens for zoology. Voyage on Cayuga Lake on the interactive Floating Classroom. Work closely with top professors who are not only exceptional researchers in diverse fields of biology, but dedicated mentors who provide the encouragement to create your own projects and discover new interests.

The Biology major leads to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Biology at Wells

Book Arts

Learn first-hand the traditions and history of the book through courses in printing, bookbinding, calligraphy, and other topics. In the Book Arts program, you will work with skilled instructors on campus and through internships at prestigious institutions, preparing you for graduate programs in book arts and conservation. The senior capstone course culminates in a show of your work and a gala reception.

Book Arts is available as a concentration within the Visual Arts major or as a minor.

> More About Book Arts at Wells


Prepare for a career in business in a hands-on bachelor's degree program that offers valuable learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. At Wells, you will have opportunities to work with area businesses to solve real-world business challenges, and even design your own business, empowering you and your fellow business students with the skills to build successful careers as business managers and entrepreneurs. At the same time, you'll have the experience of a small, private liberal arts college, working closely with top professors who bring real-world business experience to the classroom.

The Business major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Business at Wells


Chemistry majors at Wells College are active participants in both the classroom and the laboratory, exploring and discovering how nature works at the atomic and molecular level. Modern equipment and engaging experimentation are a part of every class, with a focus on research and hands-on learning. We also offer cross-registration at Cornell University, giving you the opportunity to experience a variety of learning strategies and broaden your study of chemistry off-campus.

The Chemistry major at Wells College leads to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Chemistry at Wells

Cognitive and Brain Sciences

This interdisciplinary minor provides a focused study of the cognitive products of biological and nonbiological computational systems (e.g., humans and computers) including perception, attention, learning, memory, language, reasoning, decision making, problem solving, creativity, and action, as well as the instantiation of these functions in neural ‘hardware.’ Coursework across the disciplines allows for an examination and exploration of these issues at different levels of analysis and explanation (concrete to abstract).

Cognitive and Brain Sciences is available as a minor.

> More About Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Wells

Computer Science

As a computer science major at Wells, you will work with modern computing systems and software, learning how to process and create code and apply the laws of technical systems to practical situations. The undergraduate program offers a variety of real-world learning experiences, including exciting internship and study abroad opportunities, a Business Idea Competition, and the chance to participate in professional research conferences.

The Computer Science major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Computer Science at Wells

Criminal Justice

Why do people break laws, and what happens when they do? In the Criminal Justice bachelor's degree program at Wells College, you will connect and compare justice systems around the world, analyzing each through the critical lens of race, class, and gender to understand who benefits and who suffers and why. You can choose courses in the Criminal Justice program based on your interests and career goals, adding specialization and focusing your expertise in a specific area.

The Criminal Justice major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Criminal Justice at Wells

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is available as a concentration within the English major or as a minor.

> More About English at Wells

Data Analytics

An exciting career that blends the science of data-driven decision-making with the art of problem-solving, data analysts gather the research and identify the key insights that help organizations plan new marketing strategies, make business decisions, and map out their path to future success.

The Data Analytics major is pending New York State Department of Education approval.

> More About Data Analytics at Wells

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, often referred to as online marketing, refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the internet. Businesses and nonprofits leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to engage with current and prospective customers. This also includes strategic communication efforts executed via video, text, and multimedia.

The Digital Marketing major is pending New York State Department of Education approval.

> More About Digital Marketing at Wells

Education: Inclusive Childhood

Students who major in Inclusive Childhood Education will be able to teach in both general and special education classrooms, grades 1-6, after successfully completing the required courses and student teaching and passing the required New York State certification exams. This major provides a strong base in current, effective pedagogy rooted in field-based methods courses that develop Wells students into reflective, knowledgeable educators.

The Inclusive Childhood Education major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.

> More About Inclusive Childhood Education at Wells

Education: Adolescence Certification (Grades 7-12)

Students seeking certification in Adolescence Education choose a liberal arts major that will foster and support their own intellectual development and curiosity, and that aligns with the subject they wish to teach. Graduates will earn New York State certification to teach in a specific subject area for grades 7-12. Certification in biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, physics, social studies, and Spanish is available.

> More About the Education: Adolescence Certification Program at Wells


Students who are interested in education but either do not wish to or do not have time to complete the certification program may minor in education. Students completing the minor alone will have a strong foundation in education but will NOT be eligible for certification. They may, however, use this course work as a basis for graduate school in MAT programs.

Education is available as a minor.

> More about the Education Minor at Wells


English as a major includes the investigation of texts from British and American literature for their cultural and historical importance, for the manner in which they embody and express literary types and values, and for the ways in which they relate to the lives of those who experience them. The study of literature in all its forms enhances a student’s ability to think critically and observe closely. English students practice writing in different forms, including expository, critical, and imaginative. The ability to write clearly and effectively is essential for success in communication with others and in advancing in a field or career. Both literature and writing are a source of lifelong satisfaction which enables students to continue to discover and explore their selves and their place in the world, and thereby lead a richer, fuller, more examined life.

The English program offers concentrations in both Literature and Creative Writing, and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. English is also offered as a minor.

> More About English at Wells

Environmental Science

The major in environmental science guides students in examination and analysis of the earth and human-environment interaction, and develops the technical and scientific skills necessary to build a career related to the environment. Required courses in the major examine the following types of questions:

    • What is the nature of the earth and its ecosystems?
    • What is the nature of environmental problems?
    • What is the scientific and technical basis for environmental problem-solving and mitigation of the human impact on planet earth?
    • How are scientific findings used in society’s decision-making about environmental resources?
    • How can science and technology help us be better stewards of earth, its ecosystems, and its natural resources?

As a graduate of the program, not only will you develop a strong scientific understanding of environmental issues you can apply directly to a wide range of careers, you will also gain a deeper appreciation of nature's awesome beauty and its impact upon the human experience.

The Environmental Science major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also offered as a minor.

> More About Environmental Science at Wells

Exploratory Program

In the Wells Exploratory Program, you'll have up to three semesters to sample different courses and consider various career paths before choosing your major. Take time to deepen your understanding of topics you're already passionate about, or try something new you've always wanted to learn—the choice is yours. Dedicated professional advisors and faculty mentors are here to provide as much or as little support as you need along the way.

> More About the Wells Exploratory Program

First Nations and Indigenous Studies

The title of the minor, First Nations and indigenous studies, indicates a primary focus on the peoples of North and South America while being inclusive of connections with indigenous peoples in other parts of the world such as Hawaii, Aotearoa (New Zealand), and Australia. The minor is multidisciplinary and reflects a wide range of academic viewpoints originating from psychology, history, anthropology, women’s and gender studies, and sociology, among others. Emphasized areas include histories, contemporary issues, environmental justice, social justice, oral and written literature, art, and law.

The First Nations and Indigenous Studies program is available as a minor.

> More About First Nations and Indigenous Studies at Wells

Health and Medical Ethics

This minor provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on the ethical and social, environmental and economic justice issues in health care and medicine, including individual and public health, health administration and management, epidemiology and epidemics, medical research and development, and cultural variations in health care practices.

Health and Medical Ethics is available as a minor.

> More About the Health and Medical Ethics minor at Wells

Health Care Management

The Health Care Management program is offered as a minor and is designed to supplement the major in Biological Sciences: Health Sciences.

> More About Health Care Management minor


History is the study of human societies, their changes and continuities. It attempts to make sense of the human experience, its complexities and ironies. History is truly interdisciplinary in its enquiry and, of necessity, in the nature of the tools used to understand people in the past. Historians do not merely compile data to tell a sequential tale. To be informed as well as is possible is the prerequisite to the equally important task of interpretation. The goal of historians is thus multifaceted.

Students who choose to major in history receive the training to develop skills in a number of areas. Some of them are how to research effectively; how to write on a complex topic in a way that is generally understandable, not mystifying; how to state one’s case orally as well as in written form; to discuss and defend one’s point of view drawing from evidence to substantiate and strengthen the argument; how to sift through large bodies of evidence to discover which is of more, which of lesser, importance to making sense of the topic; to develop the immensely valuable faculty of thinking historically, of seeing the fluidity and evolution over time of women, men, their attitudes and values, and the societies they have created and which contain them.

The History program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About History at Wells

Holistic Health Studies

The minor in Holistic Health Studies prepares students for careers in both mainstream and alternative health professions within the context of a liberal arts education. Through intensive hands-on practice, theoretical analysis and research, reflective writing, and internship(s), students focus on sustainable, life-long health, developing self-awareness and engagement with community while learning marketable skills. Students completing the Holistic Health Studies minor will build a foundation for further study, working toward such careers as: physical therapist, personal trainer, massage therapist, dance/yoga instructor, athletic coach, nutritionist, or wellness coach.

Holistic Health Studies is available as a minor.

> See Required Courses

Hospitality Management

This exciting new program combines hands-on experiences at some of the region’s top tourism hot spots with a deep grounding in the liberal arts. Through foundational coursework and discipline-based required courses, you’ll hone skills that transfer across the vast array of hospitality operations and service-oriented businesses.

> More About Hospitality Management at Wells

Individualized Major

Set your own path with an individualized bachelor’s degree program designed based on your goals and interests! Students may propose a self-designed individualized major if they have an educational objective that would be better served than by pursuing one of the established majors at Wells College or by pursuing an established major and minor. Each individualized major is expected to meet the philosophical and educational goals of Wells College and to afford the student maximum exposure to the breadth and depth of a liberal education as well as an opportunity to undertake advanced work in an area of special interest. The individualized major must have a clear focus, and at least two disciplines must by substantially represented. 

You will work with knowledgeable, dedicated faculty and staff to refine your degree plan, choosing a selection of focused courses and independent study projects in fields that relate to your career goals while building your knowledge and experience.

> More About Designing Your Own Individualized Major at Wells


Literature is available as a concentration within the English major or as a minor.

> More About English at Wells


Management is available as a concentration within the Economics and Management program or as a minor.

> More About Economics and Management at Wells


The marketing program is an interdisciplinary course of study for students who are interested in, or preparing for, a career in marketing (management, marketing and sales, accounting, media and advertising, branding and consumer behavior). Students who major in business may not minor in marketing.

> More About Business at Wells


The study of math teaches you more than a specific skill set: math teaches you how to think and imparts analytical and problem-solving skills you can apply to all kinds of careers and in day-to-day life. In the Mathematics bachelor's degree program at Wells College, you'll get to explore the many practical applications of math while gaining a well-rounded, liberal arts education that will position you for success in the job market or prepare you for advanced study in graduate school.

The mathematics program leads to a Bachelor of Arts and is also available as a minor.

> More About Mathematics at Wells

Museum Studies

This interdisciplinary program provides an exploration of theoretical, historical, and applied knowledge pertaining to museum management and programming. Museum Studies trains students in the technical practice of museum curation, including subjects such as business, visual organization and design, archaeology, and arts management. Given the broad relevance of Museum Studies skills, students may approach the minor from a variety of disciplines, with particular parallels with social and physical sciences, history, and art. In combining this specialized type of organizational knowledge with a major in a specific fields, students gain a foothold in the area of their own choosing.

 Students combine this specialization in a field with hands-on work in Wells' discussion-based classes; internships on one of many local arts, history, or regional interest museums; and even opportunities to get involved in the College's own art collection and archive or String Room Gallery. As a result, they graduate with a familiarity and proficiency needed to pursue a career in museum work.

Museum Studies is available as a minor.

Philosophy and Religion

The minor in philosophy and religion is an integrated selection of courses designed to underscore the importance of free inquiry, critical reflection, and reasoned discourse in the interchange of ideas and issues between these areas.

Philosophy and Religion is availabe as a minor.

> More About Philosophy and Religion


Explore everything from the largest galaxies to the smallest particles as a physics major at Wells College. You'll study the fundamental laws of nature through investigation and mathematical formulation and examine the roles of computers in the sciences. You'll also learn how physics interconnects with other sciences through an interdisciplinary, liberal arts program that will enable you to bring a broad perspective to any problem. Hands-on learning opportunities in the New York region and beyond enable you to apply your learning to real-world challenges, discover your interests, and prepare for career success.

The Physics program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Physics at Wells

Political Science

At the heart of political science analysis is the question of the struggle for power. Thus, the major exposes students to changing paradigms and schools of thought centered on how institutional and individual power is gained, organized, used, lost or abused. The major introduces students to the various methods, concerns, and analytical issues in the basic subfields of the discipline: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.

In this major, students will acquire broad skills regarding the analysis of, and critical knowledge about: the agencies, functions and structures of the institutions of power; the nature of political behavior; and the principles and processes of governance. It prepares students for careers in government, law, development, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and research areas. 

The Political Science program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Political Science at Wells


The field of psychology addresses the questions of how humans act, know, develop, and interact. We focus on the scientific study and understanding of human behavior and the mind with an emphasis on developmental, social, cognitive, educational, and clinical aspects. Internships and service learning give students opportunities to learn experientially how to bridge theory and practice. Cross-cultural approaches are included in many courses and students are encouraged to experience another culture through offcampus study or study abroad. Psychology is a diverse discipline and thus provides a solid background for graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels in a variety of fields, such as social work, law, teaching, medicine, forensics, and clinical and counseling psychology.

The Psychology program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Psychology at Wells

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is available as a minor and requires coursework exploring religious civilizations, cultures, and traditions across the world.

> More About Religious Studies at Wells

Sociology and Anthropology

Anthropology and Sociology examine humanity from global systems to inter-personal interaction. These sister disciplines help us to understand social structures and individual roles within them, the effects of colonialism on colonies and colonial powers, oppression and privilege, imperialism and self-determination and local responses to global conditions. The sociological imagination and the anthropological perspective together help us to understand how we both affect and are affected by the social and physical world around us. This major provides students with an understanding of the dynamics of culture, cultural survival, ethnicity, race, gender, class, sexuality, etc., and the foundations for conducting research so they will be able to participate in the creation of a more equitable and sustainable world.

The Sociology and Anthroplogy program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students can also choose to minor in Anthropology or Sociology.

> More About Sociology and Anthropology


For the Spanish minor at Wells will help teach you how to communicate, work creatively and appreciate life in a pluralistic world. With a semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country strongly encouraged, you will prepare to enter a growing array of professional careers that reward foreign language competence, cross-cultural experiences and international perspectives.

> More about the Spanish minor at Wells

Sport Management

The sport management minor engages students in various sports industry management theories and issues facing modern sport and athletics. Courses encompass varying levels of modern sport including professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic, youth and recreational.

Sport Management is available as a minor.

> More About Sport Management at Wells

Studio Art

Produce your own work and receive individualized instruction in painting, drawing, two and three-dimensional design, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and other areas of visual expression in the Studio Art concentration. As a graduating senior, you’ll exhibit your art in the String Room Gallery as the capstone to your academic work.

Studio Art is available as a concentration within the Visual Arts major or as a minor.

> More About Studio Art


The Sustainability major recognizes the environment as a physical, social, cultural, and psychological entity that is threatened by many forms of human activity. It further recognizes that humanity can make a difference by developing multifaceted solutions that will help us to exist as a species, create a just and equitable society, and maintain a healthy planet.

The Sustainability program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Sustainability at Wells

Sustainable Food Systems

We all eat. But what we eat—and where we get what we eat—significantly impacts our world. The sustainable food systems program enables you to investigate the challenges of the current global food system by exploring the cultural meanings of food and the social and physical conditions under which we grow and consume foods. You will also acquire the skills needed to help build a more sustainable world—skills that easily translate to complement any major. Internships are available at area organic farms and farmers' markets, as well as organizations abroad.

Sustainable Food Systems is available as a minor.


The theatre major provides a program of study that prepares students for a wide range of careers in the performing arts, including acting, design, stage management, arts management, producing, directing, teaching and technical theatre. Students will gain experience in peer leadership and the creative process. Hands-on learning is supported and enriched by the study of history and theory, which informs the interpretive technique of the theatre artist and fosters intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural awareness. The theatre major serves students with strong problem-solving skills and a sense of discipline and personal responsibility.

The Theatre program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Theatre at Wells

Visual Arts

The visual arts as a major area of study offers students the opportunity to develop:

    • An understanding of artistic creativity through making art in a studio setting;
    • A responsive eye and a sense of visual literacy;
    • An understanding of the relationship between art and society;
    • An understanding of modern art concepts and contemporary trends as well as the major artistic epochs of the past. 

The Visual Arts program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

> More About Visual Arts at Wells

Visual Communications

Students will gain experience in print and web design, introducing them to skills needed for careers in fields such as communications, advertising, or publishing. The minor will combine coursework in Visual Arts and Business, with options to further intensify skills in related content areas.

Visual Communications is available as a minor.

> More About Visual Communications

Web Design

If you have a passion for art, design, and digital storytelling, web design may be the right path for you. Effective web design is more than just creating pretty pages for people to click on. The real purpose of a website is to drive action and deepen engagement with site visitors while minimizing confusion, maintaining a consistent brand identity, and helping to achieve an organization’s strategic goals.

The Web Design major is pending New York State Department of Education approval.

> More About Web Design at Wells

Women's, Transgender, and Queer Studies

The objectives of the women’s, transgender, and queer studies major are: to acquaint students with historical and cultural perspectives on gender roles in order to facilitate understanding of complex, interconnected systems of oppression; to investigate and explore the formation of gender/ed identities and the relationships between variously gendered persons within local communities and crossculturally; to familiarize students with the ways in which questions of power and gender impact the practice of academic scholarship; to inquire about and contribute to the on-going transformations of scholarly methods and approaches and to advocate for continual interdisciplinary change; and to analyze social and political issues as they pertain to the social construction of difference. The goal of these objectives is to prepare students to become active, affective, and effective agents in the world.

The Women's, Transgender, and Queer Studies program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also available as a minor.

> More About Women's, Transgender, and Queer Studies at Wells

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