Free Antigen Test Kits and KN95 Masks:

Free antigen COVID-19 antigen test kits and KN95 masks remain available in the Sommer Center. If you would like to schedule a Wells College administered antigen COVID-19 test, please contact Richard Flanagan, COVID-19 Coordinator at rflanagan@wells.edu, or via telephone at 1-315-364-3229.


Any student, faculty, or staff member who receives a positive COVID-19 test result or experiencing severe COVID-like symptoms must isolate for at least five days.

For students who are unable to isolate off-campus, the College will provide an isolation room on campus, will receive daily meals, and will be provided with academic accommodation if applicable. The College is committed to providing daily support and care for students who are in isolation, and our staff will assist with academic, medical, food, or mental health support needs. https://www.wells.edu/about/covid-19-info/visitors-campus/