Stacy Mars

Wells College Announces Stacy Mars as the 2023 Student Commencement Speaker

Wells College is thrilled to announce that Stacy Mars, a first-generation Haitian American student, has been selected as the Student Commencement Speaker for the class of 2023.
May 14, 2023

Since her move to the U.S. in 2019 to pursue higher education, Stacy has demonstrated remarkable achievements and a dedicated commitment to her studies. This spring, she is set to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, supplemented with double minors in Psychology and Chemistry.

Stacy’s outstanding passion for research was ignited during her early years at Wells and has since become an integral part of her academic journey. Her notable contributions to on-campus research under the esteemed mentorship of Dr. Lindsay Burwell attest to her commitment and skill. Moreover, she has successfully completed prestigious summer research programs, including the 2021 Summer Integrative Neuroscience Experience at Florida Atlantic University and the National Science Foundation-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) BEHAVE project at Johns Hopkins University in 2022.

In parallel with her rigorous academic pursuits, Stacy is also a dedicated community member, serving as a resident advisor and C-STEP leader to foster a supportive environment for her peers. Her academic journey is set to continue at New York University from fall 2023, where she will pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health, specializing in global health initiatives. Stacy aspires to devote her career to addressing malnutrition in middle and low-income countries.

Beyond her academic and community service, Stacy is well-known for her vibrant personality and diverse interests, which include music, language learning, and cooking. Her welcoming smile and friendly demeanor make her a cherished part of the Wells community. She embodies the true Wellsian spirit and is always ready for engaging conversations with those around her.

Please join us in congratulating Stacy Mars on her achievement and wishing her success in her future endeavors.

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