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Welcome to the New Wells.Edu

The entire website has been rebuilt on the Wordpress platform.
March 31, 2023

Wells College is please to announce the release of "version 1" of the new website. While it may look similar to the old site, this new version represents a huge shift in our web strategy. The project represents two months of work, migrating the old website content to a completely new website built upon Wordpress. Version 1 focused on porting over the current look-and-feel with the existing content. Now that we have a flexible and data-driven platform, we plan on many short iterations of small improvements over the coming months.

Our primary objective is to enhance the experience for prospective students by providing a deeper understanding of the Wells College community. We hope you enjoy this initial version and look forward to introducing further improvements in the coming months.

New Features Highlighted in the Video

  1. Completely new back-end
  2. Specialized hosting for performance
  3. Freshen up design
  4. Mobile-first improvements
  5. Data-driven content
  6. SEO focus
  7. Instant search features
  8. Faculty and staff directory
  9. Document library
  10. Content editing workflow
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