Campus Climate Survey 2015-16

During the 2015-2016 academic year, Wells College partnered with the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) to administer the HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey to Wells students.

The survey asked respondents about their perceptions of the campus climate on unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, their perceptions of how the College addresses and responds to sexual assault, and the extent to which the respondent reported that they had or had not personally experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault.

In all, 194 students — out of a total population of 572 — completed the survey, for a response rate of 34%. Student participation was voluntary, and responses were kept completely anonymous. Of those who responded, 79% identified as female and 19% as male, and 88% of respondents said they lived in a residence hall or other campus housing.

Survey results proved useful in focusing the College's efforts in educating the campus community about how to report such incidents and about resources that are available to them. The survey also provided a baseline of data that can be used for comparative purposes in the future, as well as help compare Wells to national averages in these areas.

New York State requires all colleges and universities to conduct a campus climate assessment at least every other year. Wells College once again partnered with HEDS in spring 2018 to conduct a campus climate survey; summary results will be posted online later this year.

View summary report of 2015-16 Campus Climate Survey (pdf).

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