Great minds come from many different backgrounds and share distinct and interconnected experiences. At Wells, we value that.
latesha fussell by main building doors
Latesha Fussell
Director of Campus Life for Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion and Intercultural Excellence

The core principles at Wells? We don't just respect differences, we celebrate them. We believe that when you bring people of all different backgrounds, cultures and experiences together, it fosters an atmosphere for learning and cooperation, for exploring differences and finding commonalities.

One of our core values is inclusive and intercultural excellence. It is a guiding principle that reflects our college-wide commitment to social responsibility and cultural pluralism. We strive to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to live meaningfully and effectively in a global community and interconnected world. You'll see this value reflected in our mission statement, community standards, academic programs, community service initiatives, and in our people - every day.

Director of Campus Life for Diversity and Inclusion

In February 2016, the recently-established Wells College President's Advisory Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Excellence gathered to review the committee's charge: "As our Community Standards Statement indicates, Wells College strives to become a diverse and inclusive community where individuals live, work, teach and learn with a goal of promoting and maintaining an atmosphere of respect. Membership is a privilege that requires all individuals to treat others humanely, and with mutual understanding and tolerance.

"The President's Advisory Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Excellence is charged with keeping the President informed on issues of diversity and inclusivity and with reviewing policies and programs. This work should facilitate coordination of diversity efforts, improved recruitment and retention of members of underrepresented groups, a more welcoming campus atmosphere, and an overall inclusive community."

As part of their mission to foster intercultural excellence on campus, the committee created a position to guide diversity and inclusion efforts at Wells. In August 2016, Wells welcomed the first Director of Diversity and Inclusion to the Student Life Office, Latesha Fussell. Latesha reports directly to the Dean of Students, Jennifer Michael, and provides leadership to improve the cultural climate at Wells by building upon our core community value of social justice.

More About the Director

Latesha Fussell's role on campus is to work with the Wells community to enhance our community's understanding regarding cultural diversity and campus inclusion. Through events, advising, workshops, trainings, and student support, she provides a voice of leadership in campus programs—helping to develop new opportunities, guide conversations, and contribute to diversity efforts that align with the College's mission and goals. She also works collaboratively with the admissions office, faculty, and administration to build and strengthen support networks and to increase and retain representation of historically underrepresented groups. Latesha provides a guiding voice for the Student, Faculty, and Staff Committees for Inclusion and Intercultural Excellence and assists the Dean of Students with general student concerns.

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