Clubs and Organizations

Clubs at Wells provide events, activities, and energy for campus throughout each semester.
Because clubs are based on the interests of you, the students, they are always changing — new clubs forming, new student leadership providing different programs, and shared ideas resulting in events that bring the campus together.
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japanese calligraphy event

Check out the categories below for descriptions of some of the recently-active clubs and organizations at Wells:

Academic Interests

Clubs made to reflect the scholarly aspect of the college.

  • Business Club: Holds stock market simulations, develops and attempts to implement business plans, and learns about business from local entrepreneurs.
  • Film Production Club: Informs the Wells student body about the field of film and digital media and entertains the community with videos produced by the club.
  • Model United Nations (MUN): Examining our global community, MUN networks with international students dedicated to solving complex issues.
  • Mystery, Inc: Encourages exploration into Forensic Science by means of modern day TV programs and group activities for students interested in the field.
  • Psychology Club: Aims to de-stress the community and provide a safe space for discussions on topics related to or around psychology.
Community Service and Activism

Clubs designed for campus awareness of social, local, and international issues.

  • Campus Greens: An environmental group to raise awareness and promote community involvement on sustainability. Provides teachable and fun experiences.
  • College Democrats: Enables students to engage with politics in a meaningful way through volunteering and organizing efforts and raise awareness of critical issues.
  • College Republicans: Aims to educate the student population of the values of the Republican Party and foster an open forum to tackle problems facing the world.
  • Collegiate 4-H Club: Archery events, cabin camping, public speaking workshops, and community service provide opportunities to practice and build skills.
  • FORCES: Promote conservation, recreation and environmental stewardship by working with NY State Parks.
  • Help Meow-T: Improves the life of the feral cats on campus and local communities, while educating the community on the proper care for their feline friends.
  • Political Activism at Wells (PAW): Involves and educates on local, national and global political issues. Discussion and debate improve understanding and engagement.
  • Red Cross Club: The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing volunteers and donors.
  • Sexual Education and Campus Services (SECS) Collective: Spreads knowledge of consent and safer sex practices, fights stigmatization, and celebrates expression and body diversity.
  • Student United Way: Strives to serve people in health, education and finances through advocating, giving and volunteering. Works with the county chapter.

Diversity and Multicultural Education

Clubs for celebrating and providing community space for members of differing cultural groups on campus.

  • Access for All Abilities: Spreads awareness about disability culture and educates the community to promote equal opportunities, improved accessibility, and empowerment.
  • Japanese Cultural Club: Helps the Japanese exchange students get acclimated to the college campus while spreading Japanese culture.
  • Sexuality and Gender Activists (SAGA): Celebrates LGBTQ+ identities and experiences and acts as a safe space for open dialogue, building a safer community for LGBTQ+ peoples.
  • Spanish Club: Works to promote Hispanic cultural awareness and celebrates multiculturalism/diversity through multilingualism programming and events.
  • Querencia: Celebrates the different rich and diverse Latin cultures, realizing that a união faz a força, and unites by sharing our tradiciones y religiones.
  • Umoja: An inclusive safe space to educate on, spread awareness of and celebrate the cultures of people of color with a focus on those of African descent.
  • Women's Resource Center (WRC): Provides resources on sexual health, assault, intersectional feminism, civil rights, and body positivity in a safe space, library system and meeting space.

Student-run clubs for the purpose of expressing literary talent.

  • Cardinal (yearbook): Staff manages the layout, design, and production of the yearbook, with the aim of documenting the many people, events and traditions that make each year memorable.
  • Chronicle (literary and visual arts journal): Publishes student-submitted fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, photos, or short plays in a journal format each semester.
  • Sycamore (magazine): Social issues magazine that includes essays and editorials on a wide variety of topics as well as reviews, photography, advice, and the winners of writing and art contests.
Talent and Performance

Clubs established for the purpose of providing entertainment for the entire community.

  • Burlesque Troupe: Promotes body positivity and confidence through stage performance. Focuses on the history and growth of Burlesque as a performance art.
  • Concert Choir: Welcomes singers at all levels of experience - all you need is a love of singing and a desire to learn. Meets during the semester and performs a concert near the close of the semester.
  • Dance Collective: A student run dance concert that showcases a wide variety of backgrounds, illuminating diversity through positive expression.
  • Henry's VIII: Creates a place for people to sing in an a capella style and performs for the Wells community in an effort to bring entertainment to the masses.
  • Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band: Welcomes interested students to participate in rewarding musical ensembles. No auditions are necessary and some instruments may be provided.
  • Prodigy Step Team: Promotes academic achievement, unity and leadership within a diverse team through teamwork and encourages self-respect and discipline.
  • Whirligigs: The mission of the Whirligigs is to be an all-female a capella group on campus. We put on an end of semester concert for those at Wells.
Social Interests and Hobbies

Clubs designed to bring students of different cultures and backgrounds together to enjoy common interests.

  • Bookworms: Expose our members to different authors and literary genres, leading to interesting and varying discussions.
  • Gaming Club: Simply a group of people who like to play games with one another. If someone wants to play a game, we’ll give it a try with them.
  • Knitting, Needlework and other Tatting (KNOT): To teach members how to knit, crochet, and other tatting while having fun and relaxing from the stresses from everyday life.
  • Sugar High (baking club): Dedicated to teaching people to bake goods in a safe and open environment, so everyone knows how to bake at least one thing from scratch.

Clubs are organized by—and contribute to—regular Student Assembly meetings. Membership and participation in many of these changes by the semester. So if you have an idea for a club that isn't currently offered, we'll make it easy for you to get it going!

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