Wells College COVID-19 Response Team

"Our focus these days is no longer about WHAT needs to be done, but HOW," said dean of students Charles Kenyon. "Moving forward, our work will require a significant amount of creativity, communication and coordination."

The Wells College Crisis Management Team began planning the College's response to the coronavirus pandemic in early March, closing the campus and sending all students home in compliance with New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo's order placing New York State on "pause" for all sectors of the state's economy.


The full "Phase 4 Reopening Plan" is now available at this link. More information and a list of frequently asked questions are now available at wells.edu/return-to-campus.


The College has released its "Wells Plan for Phase 2 Compliance," which you can find at this link. Campus will reopen to staff starting Monday, June 29, 2020.

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions about the phase 2 reopening.

Weekly Updates

Below you will find weekly status updates released by the COVID-19 Response Team:

Week of June 1–7, 2020 >>
Week of June 8–14, 2020 >>
Week of June 15–21, 2020 >>

The Committee's Origins in Crisis

Initial planning focused on the student experience, including academics, residence life and activities and retention; new student recruitment; employment issues; and safety, health and campus facilities.

In subsequent meetings, the planning team identified a need to shift from crisis management to systematic planning for reopening the campus in fall 2020. That decision led to a change in the planning group's name to the COVID-19 Response Team, led by dean of students Charles Kenyon, with team members assigned to planning committees charged to recommend specific strategies for their respective areas.

A New Focus Moving into Summer and fall

The COVID-19 Response Team has been working in recent months with more questions than answers, but throughout the summer, we are working hard as we plan for a full reopening of campus for the fall 2020 semester.

"Our focus these days is no longer about what needs to be done, but rather how it will be done: how everyone at Wells College will be handling testing, contact tracing, social distancing, providing isolation and quarantine locations, sanitizing facilities, delivering courses, providing personal protective equipment (PPE), and much more," said Dean Kenyon in a recent message to the campus community. "Moving forward, our work will require creativity, communication and coordination," he added.

COVID-19 Response Team Membership

Charles Kenyon, Interim Dean of Students, chair
Judy Bailey, Campus Visits and Events Coordinator
Brian Brown, Director of Facilities
Kelly Brown, Coordinator of Alumnae & Alumni Engagement
Laura Burns, Director of Financial Aid
Emily Burt, Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
Aaron Connolly '21, Collegiate Cabinet Vice President (2020-21)
Terri Culver, Operations Manager, Admissions
Sharon Darling, Executive Assistant to the President
Siouxsie Easter, Professor of Theater
Deb Gagnon, Professor of Psychology
Jonathan Gans, Educational Technology Coordinator
Steve Gelsi, Building Care Manager
Jonathan Gibralter, President
Michael Groth, Professor of History
Scott Heinekamp, Professor of Physics
Larry Jerome, Vice President for Advancement
Bill Lawrence, Interim Director of Campus Safety
Michael Lindberg, Director of Athletics
Scarlett Lonsky '23, Collegiate Cabinet Treasurer (2020-21)
André Lynch, Coordinator of Student Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
Heather MacAdam M.D., Director of the Community Medical Center
Leah Mackin, Assistant Director, Wells Book Arts Center
Laura McClusky, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Niamh O'Leary, Professor and Chair of Environmental Science
Christopher Pollock, Director of Communications and Marketing
Kara Reynolds '20, Collegiate Trustee
Carl Sgrecci, CFO and Vice President of Finance
Cindy J. Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College
Adam Stone, Assistant Director, Hallmark Dining Services
John Suckow, Corporate Operations Director, Hallmark Dining Services
Gerard Turbide, Vice President for Enrollment Services
Zachary VanNostrand, Head Athletics Trainer
Kit Van Orman, Director of Human Resources and Business Management
Mollie Walts '21, Collegiate Cabinet President (2020-21)
Andrew Warren, Network Specialist
Dan Wentworth, Director of Information Technology


Steering Committee

Oversee the work of planning committees, provide timelines and due dates for recommendations, and ensure that committee efforts are in alignment.
Team lead:
Charles Kenyon, Dean of Students
Sharon Darling, Jonathan Gibralter, Larry Jerome, Christopher Pollock, Carl Sgrecci, Cindy J. Speaker, Gerard Turbide

Academic Committee

Develop recommendations for course delivery, academic calendar, course schedules, classroom assignments and all other matters pertaining to the academic program. Provide guidance to all other planning committees that need to align with the academic program.
Team lead:
Cindy J. Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College
Faculty: Siouxsie Easter, Deborah Gagnon, Michael Groth, Scott Heinekamp, Laura McClusky, Niamh O'Leary
Staff: Judy Bailey, Jonathan Gans, Michael Lindberg, Dan Wentworth
Student: Aaron Connolly '21

Student Life Committee

Develop recommendations for housing density; ill-student isolation locations; bathroom utilization; new student orientation; student clubs, organizations and athletic team requirements; and conduct policies related to compliance with COVID restrictions.
Team lead:
Emily Burt, Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct
Staff: Brian Brown, Steve Gelsi, Charles Kenyon, Bill Lawrence, Mike Lindberg, Andre Lynch, Zach VanNostrand
Students: Aaron Connolly '21, Kara Reynolds '20, Scarlett Lonsky '23

Health, Safety and Dining Services Committee

Develop recommendations for COVID testing, contact tracing, PPE requirements, sanitization requirements, supplies needed, social distancing requirements, classroom densities and dining facility operations.
Team lead:
Charles Kenyon, Dean of Students
Staff: Brian Brown, Steve Gelsi, Heather MacAdam, M.D. (Community Medical Center), Adam Stone and/or John Suckow (Hallmark Dining Services representative), Zachary VanNostrand, Andy Warren, Dan Wentworth
Student: Scarlett Lonsky '23

Employee Safety Committee

Develop recommendations for work rules related to compliance with COVID-19 requirements, employee testing, sick leave, work-from-home policies and related employee safety matters.
Team lead:
Kit Van Orman, Director of Human Resources and Business Services
Faculty: Leah Mackin
Staff: Brian Brown, Terri Culver, Charles Kenyon, Bill Lawrence, Dan Wentworth

Communications Committee

Issue regular information updates to the campus community and maintain the COVID-19 website presence; provide information to planning committees from New York State, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities (CICU), and other sources; compile resources relevant for planning; create a platform for sharing and editing documents.
Team leader:
Christopher Pollock, Director of Communications and Marketing
Staff: Judy Bailey, Kelly Brown, Laura Burns, Emily Burt, Sharon Darling, Larry Jerome, André Lynch, Gerard Turbide
Students: Mollie Walts '21 (incoming Collegiate Cabinet president), Kara Reynolds '20 (Collegiate trustee)

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