Individualized Major

Set your own path with an individualized bachelor’s degree program you can design based on your goals and interests.

The individualized major at Wells College enables you to specialize in a very new or focused field or make connections between diverse academic areas in unique ways. In contrast to a general studies program for the undecided or undeclared major, the individualized major must have a clear focus and encompass at least two disciplines. In addition to allowing for flexibility within the College's curriculum and selection of majors, the individualized major program offers innovative and creative possibilities for undergraduates who have clearly defined career goals and are involved with highly interdisciplinary work.

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A Look Inside the Individualized Major at Wells

Though it is self-designed, each individualized major program is held to the educational standards and goals of the College. In other words, the interdisciplinary major that you create will provide the same academic depth and value as any other bachelor’s degree program at Wells.

You'll work with knowledgeable, dedicated faculty and staff to refine your degree plan, choosing a selection of focused courses and independent study projects in fields that relate to your career goals while building your knowledge and experience. At Wells—a small, private liberal arts college in New York State—you’ll also find an exceptional level of personal mentorship and a strong sense of community regardless of the degree program you pursue.

Just like each of our majors, a senior thesis capstone experience—involving in-depth research, extensive writing, public presentation or performance, or whatever is most suited to the topic at hand—will challenge you to demonstrate what you've learned while continuing to strengthen your expertise in the subject. When you achieve your bachelor’s degree, you’ll be prepared to take the next step in your education and your career. 

Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning in the Individualized Major

As with all Wells bachelor’s degree programs, the individualized major offers a rich variety of experiences outside the classroom to enhance your education. Valuable internship experiences, in the local New York region and beyond, offer the chance to gain real-world expertise and build professional connections that will be invaluable to your career. We also have a wide selection of study abroad opportunities—to destinations such as Italy, England, Germany, China, and many more—that offer unforgettable international experiences and cross-cultural knowledge.

Examples of Individualized Major Options

Wondering what kinds of interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree programs you can design at Wells? These are just a few examples of individualized major programs that have been pursued by our undergraduate students in recent years: 

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Cinema and the Liberal Arts
  • Education and French and Francophone Language
  • International Entrepreneurial Development
  • Postmodern Studies
  • Cultural Perspectives through Media Studies: Focus on Japan

Career Options for Individualized Majors

As an individualized major, your career choices are as far reaching as your interests and ambitions. Not only will you develop a strong interdisciplinary skill-set in your area of focus, you’ll gain critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills through a broad liberal arts curriculum that will serve you in any career. When you earn your bachelor’s degree, you'll be prepared to continue in a specialized graduate or professional program of your choice—or work your way into the career you've always wanted.

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How does the Individualized Major work?

If you're curious about this option, just speak to your faculty advisor. They'll be able to tell you whether you're better off applying your desired research topics within one of our current majors, if this process is right for you. You'll then select courses from the catalog that provide a broad set of skills and types of knowledge within the liberal arts and sciences—the goal is to provide a clear focus while still learning the types of things that will benefit your education and prepare you for graduation.

When you've determined what courses best support your goals while meeting credit hour requirements and substaintially representing at least two disciplines, the Academic Standing and Advising Committee will meet to approve or reject the application. Depending on their findings, you'll move forward with your own, self-made major!


Our mission is for every student to think critically, reason wisely and act humanely as they cultivate meaningful lives. On our beautiful lakeside campus, students gain the knowledge, skills and experience to create their own unique path.

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