Odd/Even Kickball Game Fall 2023

Odd/Even concludes with a tie

Congratulations to all the Wells students who participated in Odd/Even this fall.
October 4, 2023

Last weekend, about 30 Wells College students on the Oddline and Evenline sang in a sing-off and played kickball for this semester’s Odd/Even. The Odds and Evens practiced routines and kickball matches for at least three weeks in preparation for the competitions. In the end, three judges from Wells faculty and staff declared the Evenline the winners of the sing-off, while the Oddline won a close game of kickball 13-12, making this semester’s Odd/Even a tie. 

For more details on Wells’ Odd/Even, read about how the tradition has evolved in the last 125 years. Watch the highlights from this semester's sing-off from Youtube below. Follow Wells College on Facebook and Instagram for updates and live coverage of future events.


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