Glen Park Bridge Opening

Glen Park Bridge Opening

On May 4th, 2023, the Wells College community and the residents of Aurora joined hands to celebrate the inauguration of the newly constructed Glen Park Bridge.
May 10, 2023

This significant milestone was largely made possible through the contributions of the class of 2017. As part of their senior gifts, they dedicated funds towards the bridge’s rebuilding. Mary Webber ’17, remarked, “Achieving this was a shared dream. We strived to make a difference, to enhance something that holds a special place in our hearts!”

However, the project’s completion required more than what the class of 2017 was able to provide. Enter the class of 1962. During their 60th reunion in 2022, they willingly undertook the responsibility of securing the additional necessary funding. Therefore, the Glen Park Bridge stands today due to the combined efforts and generosity of the classes of 2017, 1962, and numerous other Wells alumnx. This bridge promises to be a lasting legacy, enriching the campus for many years to come.

Historically, the Glen Park Bridge has been a significant landmark at Wells College. In the past, students had a mandatory forty-minute workout routine, during which they would use the bridge to evade muddy terrain, crossing it back and forth. Consequently, it earned the affectionate moniker, The Bridge of Sighs.

The construction of the Glen Park Bridge experienced several delays, primarily due to supply shortages. Nevertheless, the new bridge was worth the wait. Now, students, alumnx, and community members can enjoy both the convenience and aesthetic appeal of the new bridge.

Eve Kowalczyk

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