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At Wells, a quality, private liberal arts education is not just what we say -- it's what we do. We are dedicated to making college more affordable. For New York State students, Wells College already gives over $10 million in scholarships and aid, and merit awards can total up to $100,000 per student. Below, we have provided information about the newly revealed New York State Enhanced Tuition Awards, the private institution counterpart to the Excelsior Scholarship for public colleges and universities.

We are committed to providing you with the most recent and complete information possible. Everything on this page reflects what has been made public by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC). To receive updates regarding the Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA), such as when applications are open, sign up for the email alert from HESC.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enhanced Tuition Awards Program?

The Enhanced Tuition Awards program provides tuition awards to students who are NYS residents attending a private college located in New York State.

What does it mean to be a "New York State resident" for the purposes of receiving this award?

To be considered a NYS resident for purposes of receiving this award, you must have resided in the State for 12 continuous months prior to the term for which the award is being sought.

How much can I receive from the Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) Program?

An Enhanced Tuition Awards recipient can receive up to $6,000 through a combination of their TAP award, ETA award and a match from their private college. For example, a student who receives a $1,000 TAP award would receive an additional $5,000 – half of which would be paid by the ETA and half by his or her college. Wells College will match the amount awarded by the ETA Program.

Will my financial aid packet from Wells College change?

If a student receives funding through the ETA, their financial aid package will be updated to reflect the award as well as Wells College's matching award amount.

Will my TAP award change?

No, the Enhanced Tuition Award is awarded in addition to TAP and does not affect TAP award amounts.

Will I be able to get an award for the fall?

Yes. Eligible students will receive Enhanced Tuition Awards this fall provided their college has opted to participate in the program.

When will I be able to apply for the award?

It is anticipated that the Enhanced Tuition Award application will be available in late May.

How much income can my family earn to be eligible for an award?

For the 2017-18 academic year, your household adjusted gross income can total up to $100,000 to be eligible. For 2018-19, that amount increases to $110,000, and beginning in 2019-20 and beyond, your family's adjusted gross income can total up to $125,000.

Can I get an award if I'm currently going to a private college?

Yes. Students who are currently attending college are eligible to receive an award, provided they are currently on track to complete their degree on time as determined by their program.

How long can I continue receiving the award?

You are eligible to be awarded for up to two years for students pursuing an associate's degree and up to four years for students pursuing a bachelor's degree. Students in an undergraduate program of study normally requiring five years are eligible to receive the award for five years.

Do I need a certain grade point average to get or keep the award?

Award recipients need to earn a passing grade to maintain their Enhanced Tuition Awards, provided they earn a total of 30 credits over the course of a year.

Recipients should keep in mind that they may have other awards which also carry academic standards that differ from those required for the Enhanced Tuition Awards.

Can I get an award if I'm a transfer student?

A student who transferred between colleges is eligible for an Enhanced Tuition Award provided that they are on track to complete on time based on the number of credits accepted by their current college.

Once I receive the scholarship, is it possible to lose it?

You can lose the scholarship if you do not continue to meet all eligibility requirements. For example, you must enroll in at least 12 credits per term and complete 30 credits per year to continue to receive the scholarship.

If I completed my associate's degree, can I receive this award to get my bachelor's degree?

Yes, provided the college that you are attending accepted all of the credits you earned in completing your associate's degree, and meet all other requirements for the Enhanced Tuition Award.

Are there any other requirements that I must meet after I complete my degree?

Yes. You must live in New York State for the number of years equal to awards you received. For example, if you received four Enhanced Tuition Awards while getting your bachelor's degree, you must live in New York State for four years after college. In addition, if you are working during those years, you must work in New York State. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the conversion of your award to a loan.

I already have an undergraduate degree. Can I apply to the Enhanced Tuition Program to pursue a second degree?

Applicants who have an associate's degree are eligible to pursue a bachelor's degree. However, you may not receive an award to pursue a second associate's or a second bachelor's degree.

Would a student still be able to qualify for merit aid if they took part in the ETA program?

YES, The Enhance Tuition Award is given in addition to all external loans and institutional scholarships the student has already received.

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