Dean's List

Fall 2022 Dean’s List

The dean's list honors those students who earn a minimum GPA of 3.5 and complete at least 12 hours of coursework in that semester.

Adams, Morgan Taylor, Class of 2023
Adelman, Daniel Wilcox, Class of 2025
Anderson, Alex Brendan Miki, Class of 2025
Armstead-Lehti, Roosa Marie, Class of 2025
Azariel Jalena, Cain, Class of 2026
Baker, Zoey I, Class of 2025
Baldev, Diya Mukesh, Class of 2026
Barnwell, Julia M, Class of 2024
Barr, Caroline Leigh, Class of 2025
Bateman, Sydney Marie, Class of 2025
Blair, Olivia Nicole, Class of 2025
Blohm, Nora Antoinette, Class of 2025
Bonczkowski, Gavin Keith, Class of 2025
Brady, Sasha Danielle, Class of 2023
Brown, Morgan Taylar, Class of 2026
Buchanan, Robert James, Class of 2024
Burns, Sabrina Leigh, Class of 2023
Camacho, James Franklin, Class of 2026
Canali, Lucas, Class of 2026
Carfi, Alexis K, Class of 2025
Carr-Matthews, Connor, Class of 2023
Castaneda, John Michael, Class of 2026
Chabot, Summer Lee, Class of 2026
Ciancio, Isabella Antoinette, Class of 2023
Class of 2026, Derlly, Marco Angelo
Coleman, Sadie Anne, Class of 2024
Cort, Aidan Benjamin, Class of 2024
Courtney, Shelby Lee, Class of 2025
Cronk, Zachary, Class of 2025
David, Kamryn, Class of 2025
Daye, Victor George, Class of 2024
Dietl, Stephen David, Class of 2025
Doyle, Marin C, Class of 2025
Drown, Makenzie Selena, Class of 2023
Droney, Isabel June, Class of 2025
Elston, Amelia Gail, Class of 2026
Elliot, Benjamin Philip, Class of 2025
Farney, Katherine Emery, Class of 2025
Filiatrault, Kayla Marie, Class of 2024
Fulton, Alleyna Elspeth, Class of 2026
Garvey, Connor James, Class of 2023
Ghazanfari, Sayed Ahmad Masih, Class of 2026
Gould, Katie Hope, Class of 2026
Gregory, Leah F, Class of 2023
Groth, Kayla E, Class of 2024
Haines, Jonathan T, Class of 2024
Hamm, Bailey June, Class of 2025
Harvey, Paige C, Class of 2026
Hodge, Daniel John, Class of 2026
Holbrook, Alexandria Raven, Class of 2023
Hollis, Ronald William Chua, Class of 2026
Hooper, Daniel James, Class of 2025
Horne, Joseph Thomas, Class of 2023
Hyde, Annie Lynn, Class of 2025
Izquierdo, Aaron Jordan, Class of 2024
Johnson, Zander K, Class of 2026
Jones, Feleesha Rasalend, Class of 2023
Julien-Leach, Kalie Samantha, Class of 2024
Kimball, Lauren Michelle, Class of 2026
Kowalczyk, Eve P, Class of 2025
Laird, Marissa E, Class of 2024
Lamoree, Sasha Ann, Class of 2023
Legarretta, Drew Arthur, Class of 2024
Legarretta, Zac Walker, Class of 2023
Lewis, Samantha Willow, Class of 2026
Lucey, James, Class of 2024
Lou, Austin Hui, Class of 2026
Maeji, Rio
Mars, Stacy Paola, Class of 2023
Maslow, Samuel, Class of 2025
Mattle, Sara, Class of 2026
McDermott, Elayna Mary, Class of 2026
McKenna, Abigail Hailey, Class of 2025
Meyer, Noel Denny, Class of 2026
Mills, Bradley Michael, Class of 2025
Mizukami, Moeko
Morana, Anthony Matthew, Class of 2026
Norris, Katelyn Noel, Class of 2023
O’Brien, Ryley Timothy, Class of 2023
Odum, Max Douglas, Class of 2024
Odum, Zachary Estefan, Class of 2024
Okituama, Philip A, Class of 2026
Olson, Anna Grace, Class of 2024
Orita, Ai
Ossont, BrierMae Kathleen, Class of 2023
Parmenter, Sierra, Class of 2025
Perry, Bradley S, Class of 2025
Personius, Elizabeth Ann, Class of 2025
Phillips, Alexia, Class of 2026
Pierce, Cassie Lynn, Class of 2024
Poles, Owen Sebastian Lande, Class of 2025
Quagliana, Alexa Lenore, Class of 2025
Reidler, Alanna M, Class of 2023
Rigley, Olivia Phoebe, Class of 2025
Roberts, Kendra Ann, Class of 2025
Rockhold, Makayla Rose, Class of 2024
Rothfuss, Rachael Alaina, Class of 2023
Sands, Jorja Arlene, Class of 2025
Sannon, Fabrice Emmanuel, Class of 2026
Searle, Alexis Nichole, Class of 2026
Sheffler, Sadie Margaret, Class of 2023
Sheradin, Serina M, Class of 2024
Smith, Emily Anne, Class of 2026
Spiegel, Lauren Mary, Class of 2024
Stoddard, Noah Thomas, Class of 2026
Thomas, Lydia Christine, Class of 2024
Utter, Nicketa Breyanna, Class of 2026
VanBeuren, Fredrik Magnus, Class of 2024
Vosburg, Haley Marie, Class of 2026
Wade, Emma Lee, Class of 2023
Wang, Jiaying, Class of 2026
Washburn, April Elizabeth, Class of 2025
Watanabe, Yuka
Whaley, Isabella, Class of 2026
Wing, Vanessa May, Class of 2026
Wiser, Ryan Joseph, Class of 2026
Wright, Akeyva Ramzee, Class of 2025
Wright, Maeve Elizabeth, Class of 2023
Wright, Ryan Michael, Class of 2026
Yeates, Jack William, Class of 2025
Yorkey, Haley R, Class of 2024

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