Sarah Markowitz

Associate Professor of Psychology
"I am interested in the connections between physical and psychological health, particularly the relationship between health behavior and mood. As a clinical psychologist, I am fascinated by the science of psychology and its application to real people. I love sharing this approach with students in the classroom and beyond."
Zabriskie 208

Professor Markowitz's research focuses on the relationship between health behavior and mood, with an emphasis on exercise and adherence to medical regimens. While a graduate student at Rutgers, she conducted a study on college students' acute mood response to different levels of physical exertion. After graduate school, Professor Markowitz was a fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, where she did clinical research with patients with depression and comorbid diabetes or HIV. Professor Markowitz strives to teach students compassion and understanding for individuals with psychological disorders coupled with the rigorous application of the science of psychology.


2002 A.B. Brown University, Psychology
2007 M.S. Rutgers, Clinical Psychology
2009 Ph.D. Rutgers, Clinical Psychology

Select Publications

Markowitz, S. M., Carper, M. M., Gonzalez, J. S., Delahanty, L. M., Safren, S. A. (2012). "Cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of depression and adherence in patients with type 1 diabetes: pilot data and feasibility." Primary Care Companion: CNS Disorders, 14(2).

Markowitz, S. M. O'Cleirigh, C., Hendriksen, E. S., Bullis, J. R., Stein, M., &l Safren, S. A. (2011). "Childhood sexual abuse and health risk behaviors in patients with HIV and a history of injection drug use." AIDS and Behavior, 15(7), Oct, 2011. pp. 1554-1560.

Markowitz, S., & Arent, S. M. (2010). "The exercise and affect relationship: evidence for the dual-mode model and a modified opponent-process theory." Journal of Science and Exercise Psychology, 32(5), 711-730.

Markowitz, S., Gonzalez, J., Wilkinson, J., & Safren, S. (2011). "A review of Treating depression in diabetes: emerging findings." Psychosomatics, 52(1), 1-18.

Greenberg, J. L., Markowitz, S., Petronko, M. R., Taylor, C. E., Wilhelm, S., & Wilson, G. T. (2010). "Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adolescent body dysmorphic disorder." Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 17(3), 248-258.

Markowitz, S., Friedman, M. A., & Arent, S. M. (2008). "Understanding the relation between obesity and depression: Causal mechanisms and implications for treatment." Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 15(1), 1-20.

Courses Taught

Abnormal Psychology
Foundations and Methods in Psychology
Personality Psychology
Child Development
Introductory Psychology
Health Psychology

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