Dan Renfrow outside of Stratton 09/14/2023

Daniel Renfrow

Associate Professor of Sociology

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Daniel Renfrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, was invited to write two essays for the Encyclopedia of Social Deviance, edited by Heith Copes and Craig Forsyth. He co-authored one essay with Dylan Bruce ’13.

Professor Renfrow was invited to join the editorial board for Canadian Social Science. In addition, he has recently reviewed manuscripts for the American Journal of Sociology and Polity Press.

Daniel Renfrow, Assistant Professor of Sociology, wrote a paper titled “Intersectionalities” that was invited for presentation in a special session at the American Sociological Association meeting held in Denver, Colo. The session was sponsored by the Social Psychology Section of the ASA. The paper is co-authored with Judy Howard of the University of Washington.

Professor Renfrow was recently elected chair of the board of directors for Ithaca City of Asylum, a project through the Center for Transformative Action at Cornell University. ICOA provides sanctuary to writers whose works are suppressed, whose lives are threatened, whose cultures are vanishing, or whose languages are endangered.