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Student clubs and organizations organize many opportunities for the campus to learn from—and with—others in a diverse, multicultural setting.
Students painting a Black Lives Matter mural
two students at the athletic association house for opening picnic and barbecue
katie mouradian '17 in the women's resource center
prodigy step team at the dance collective concert

Students at Wells use their energy, enthusiasm, and the lessons that they learn—in the classroom and from each other—to make a difference. The members of our community have many opportunities to engage with each other and work for a better world. Clubs and organizations provide a location and organization for this work, as they meet and continue their programs each semester.

Student clubs and organizations that promote diversity on our campus, with their mission statements provided by club leadership:

  • Cultural Fusion: To promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation for culture forms of dancing through exposure.
  • Dance Collective: Dance Collective is a student run dance concert that strives to showcase a wide variety of dance backgrounds. We also strive to illuminate the diversity we have here at Wells by letting everyone who wants to, express themselves in a positive way.
  • German Club: To provide a forum for conversation on current and past German film, music, and art to further the understanding of cultural, political, and social aspects of the German-speaking world.
  • Japanese Culture Club: Our job as the Japanese Culture Club is to help the Japanese transfer students get acclimated to the college campus while spreading the Japanese culture.
  • Prodigy: To promote academic achievement, unity and leadership within a diverse step team, through teamwork and to encorage self- respect and discipline throughout the Wells community.
  • Querencia: Our mission is to give the community the familiar sense of hogar dulce hogar while at Wells College. To keep students informed about what's happening in Latin America and the Caribbean, and learn more about the history behind our cultures. We will break language barriers and engage with the Spanish, Portuguese, Quencha, Guarni, Garifuna, Papieimento, Aymara, and other languages spoken by Latin American & Caribbean speakers to create inclusive language speaking and learning in our small but diverse school.
  • Sexuality and Gender Activists (SAGA): To celebrate LGBTQ+ identities and share experiences. To act as a resource to LGBTQ+ individuals by being a safe space for open dialogue and by building a safer community for LGBTQ+ peoples. To educate the Wells College community around issues of sexual and gender diversity.
  • Sexual Education and Campus Services (S.E.C.S. Collective): To spread knowledge of consent and safer sex practices. To vanquish the stigmatization and feeling of shame around sexual activity. To celebrate consensual sexual expression and body diversity.
  • Triple A (AAA): Access for All Abilities seeks to spread awareness about disability culture and further educate the Wells community to promote equal opportunities and improved accessibility for all students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. We aim to empower them with the tools and support they need to ensure a positive experience as a valued member of the college community.
  • Umoja: To educate on, spread awareness of and celebrate the cultures of people of color with a focus on those of African descent. This is however, an inclusive environment and safe-space for all marginalized groups to discuss and relate cross-cultural experiences in a positive atmosphere. We seek to grow and learn as individuals and as a community.
  • The Women’s Resource Center (WRC): The Women’s Resource Center provides resources about (but not limited to) sexual health, sexual assault, intersectional feminism, and body positivity as well as acting as a safe space for the community. We house books and have a library system while simultaneously functioning as a meeting space for clubs. We have meetings about various topics that concern feminist and civil rights issues both on campus and in other communities.
  • Wells College Democrats: to enable Wells College students to engage with the Democratic Party and politics in a meaningful way through volunteering and other organizing efforts. We aim to raise the community's awareness of critical political issues. Wells College Democrats shall upon chartering with the College Democrats of America be a member organization of the Democratic Party and shall assist in the election of Democratic candidates to local, state and national office.
  • Wells College Republicans: Wells College Republicans aims to promote the ideals of republicanism at Wells College, through educating the student population of the values held by the Republican Party and by fostering a community reminiscent to that of a republic, where individuals, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, etc. may come forward with their ideas in an open forum to contribute to a discussion that may tackle problems facing the modern world and those to come in the future.

These clubs have their budget and meeting spaces decided each year by their leadership (usually a chair, vice or co-chair, secretary, and treasurer) under the guidance of the Collegiate Association and College staff. Membership is nearly always open to all—as is the opportunity to start a new club or revive one that has lapsed.

Please reach out to the André Lynch, the associate dean for equity and inclusion, at alynch@wells.edu or 315.364.3313 to learn more about our clubs that strive to promote diversity and inclusion on our campus.

Our mission is for every student to think critically, reason wisely and act humanely as they cultivate meaningful lives. On our beautiful lakeside campus, students gain the knowledge, skills and experience to create their own unique path.

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