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What does the Middle State’s action mean?

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Wells College was placed on probation as of 5/2/24 and remain accredited. We are completing the documentation requested by MSCHE and expect to submit it to them in a timely manner to fully address their concerns.

This does not affect the agreement with teach-out partners or students completing credits this calendar year.

The official statement about accreditation:

Wells College is an accredited institution and a member of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Wells College accreditation status is ‘Non-Compliance Probation.’ The Commission’s most recent action on the institution’s accreditation status on May 2, 2024 was to place on probation. MSCHE is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education to conduct accreditation and pre-accreditation non-compliance probation activities for institutions of higher education including distance, correspondence education, and direct assessment programs offered at those institutions. The Commission’s geographic area of accrediting activities is throughout the United States.

Update 5/28/24

Teach out agreements have been approved for 20 institutions and awaiting further feedback regarding 4 other agreements. The requested documentation for these teach-out agreements has been submitted as well as further updates requested by the commission regarding the master teach-out plan.

Update 6/21/24

Teach out agreements have been approved for the final 4 institutions.

MSCHE has stated that Wells College’s accreditation will cease June 30, 2024. Advisors and staff are working with the remaining students (“degree expected”) to finalize their degree programs.

MSCHE stated they are awaiting more information about “finalized agreements for the permanent disposition of student and institutional records.” College leadership are continuing to work with the legacy institution to finalize the required updates required by MSCHE.

How will alumnae/alumni be affected by the closure?

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While the College will no longer be in operation, the Board and WCA are prioritizing the preservation and strengthening of alumni connections and records. Our teach-out partner, Manhattanville University, will provide transcripts and other assets required for preservation on its campus. This strategic alliance is aimed at fostering academic excellence and community spirit, as well as preserving the proud traditions and history of Wells College. Manhattanville has expressed an intent to develop a legacy agreement that will seek ways to honor the Wells College name and history within the Manhattanville community.

What if I must provide an employment record about my tenure at Wells? Where should I go?

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Employment records will be preserved by our teach-out partner, Manhattanville University.

How will the potential closure impact Wells College’s mission and legacy?

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The Board’s plan includes a continuing commitment from the Wells College Alumni Association (WCA). Key individuals from the board and the WCA will work together in the coming months to secure the legacy of Wells College and share those opportunities in the future. Wells is in the process of selecting a legacy institution, which will honor and preserve the legacy of the College for years to come.

How can I best support our students?

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Please know we have reached agreements with a variety of teach out institutions and will also be having a transfer fair on 5/3. We will review specifics of advising at our gathering on 5/1 but also please reach out to Jackie Schnurr or Susan Henking if you need specific advice. 

How can students and alums reach me if they need a letter of reference for graduate school or a job?

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We will continue to host the college directory here: and can update your entry to include your personal contact information. Please send an email with your update and we will post it to your directory entry.

Will I be able to keep my email address?

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We are planning that all email accounts will be sunsetted at some point in the future, including legacy alumni accounts, starting June 30th. We recommend starting your transitioning away from legacy email addresses now. Stay tuned at for more details as the information is available.

What will happen to the Wells in Florence program?

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The Wells in Florence program is going to be continued by our teach-out partner, Manhattanville University. Students who are currently enrolled or were planning to enroll in the program will receive specific follow up information.

What is the rationale for choosing Manhattanville?

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The Board voted to choose Manhattanville as a teach-out and legacy partner due to its commitment to Wells – both ensuring a seamless transition for students, but also the further preservation of Wells’ legacy.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply to teach-out partners?

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The application fees at teach out institutions are waived as a part of the Teach-Out Agreements each college or university signs with Wells. You will still be asked to make a standard deposit to hold your place for the fall semester once formally accepted.

For students who apply to institutions that are not on a Teach-Out Agreement, they may be able to request a reduction or waiver of the fee directly from that school’s Admissions Office, but would need to contact that office directly.