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Wells College Financial Aid Office

The Net Price Calculator is a tool designed to give you an idea of how much and what types of financial aid you might qualify for.

It's not an official application for admission or financial aid, but will generate an estimated award package based on your own particular info.

When it comes to financial aid, Wells College is need-blind — your need for financial assistance does not impact your chance for admission. Your education is a significant investment and we are committed to helping you through each stage of this important process. Follow these steps to take full advantage of financial aid at Wells College:

1. Apply for admission. You can submit an application through the Common Application or our own Wells Application. After we receive your completed application, you will automatically be considered for Wells College merit-based scholarships. You do not have to repay merit-based scholarships and awards.

2. Submit your FAFSA. The Wells Financial Aid Office promises to act with fairness, confidentiality and thoroughness as we consider your requests for assistance. We work closely with families to explore the full range of financing options available through our 125+ endowment, gift, and grant offerings. NOTE: If you submitted your application for admission but have not completed a FAFSA, your financial aid package may be incomplete. To unlock all available funding opportunities, submit a completed Free Application for Federal Strudent Aid (FAFSA) to Wells College. Click here to view more information about the FAFSA.

FAFSA Code: #002901
New York State TAP Code: #1050

First-Year Applicants: Submit your FAFSA to Wells College as soon as possible to ensure timely processing of your financial aid package.
Fall Transfer Applicants: No later than July 1
Spring Transfer Applicants: No later than December 1
Returning Students: May 1 for the upcoming academic year (Verification completion date is June 1)

First-year applicants who have been accepted to Wells College and file a completed FAFSA by December 1 will receive an additional FAFSA Grant.

3. Review your financial aid offer and ask your admissions counselor questions. Remember, we are your team — your admissions counselor can help you better understand your financial aid offer and assist you in making an informed decision about investing for your college education.


To receive need-based financial aid from Wells College, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can access and begin filling out the FAFSA as early as October 1. Students eligible to receive need-based financial aid may receive grants, scholarships, student loans, and campus work-study. For more information about financial aid, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office through email or call 315-364-3289.

Tuition and Other Costs

The cost to attend Wells College as a full-time residential student includes the following expenses:

2021-22 Academic Year
Tuition and Fees: $32,450
Room and Board: $14,800
Total: $47,250

Merit-Based Scholarships for First-Year Students

All students who have submitted a completed application to Wells College will be considered for the following scholarships and awards. Recipients are selected at the time of admission based on information supplied in the application. For a full financial aid pacakge that includes all available funding opportunities, submit your completed FAFSA to Wells College (school code 002901).

Henry Wells Scholarship
Henry Wells Scholars demonstrate outstanding consistent academic achievement and leadership skills throughout high school. This award includes a $3,000 experiential learning stipend that can be used toward an internship or study-abroad program, as well as a guaranteed internship during the January intersession of the Scholar’s first year.

Trustee Scholarship
Trustee’s Scholars maintain academic excellence in high school and demonstrate leadership skills through active contributions to the enrichment of the individual’s school or community with active involvement in co-curricular and/or community activities.

President's Scholarship
President’s Scholars have excellent academic standing and are actively engaged in extracurricular programs outside of the classroom.

Dean's Award
Dean's Scholars present records of academic improvement and consistent extracurricular participation.

Alumni Opportunity Award
The Alumni Opportunity Award recognizes students with outstanding potential to thrive and contribute as part of the Wells community. 

Janet Taylor Reiche '52 Legacy Award
Awarded to students who have immediate family member(s) who are graduates of Wells College.

21st Century Leadership Award
This scholarship is awarded to high school juniors for their dynamic spirit and integrity, as well as intellectual and leadership qualities. Students must be nominated by their guidance counselors, and a maximum of two qualifying students can be nominated from each school. Qualified candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 85% and demonstrate leadership ability and/or potential through school and community activities. 21st Century Leaders can finish high school with the comfort of knowing there is guaranteed financial support for their college career at Wells. By continuing to improve their performance in academic and extracurricular activities during their final year of high school, students can increase their chances to qualify for other Wells College merit-based scholarships upon submission of a completed application for admission. See the Counselor Resources page for more details.

Empowering New York Leaders Award
Up to $1,500
This award is granted to eligible students who submit a completed application for admission by January 1 and are also residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx.

Explore scholarship options on RaiseMe
We partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your everyday achievements and allow you to start earning money for college beginning in 9th grade. You can earn up to $13,000 per year, which will be included in your Wells College financial aid offer. You may receive even more in merit-based scholarships or financial aid once we review your application and FAFSA, but the money you earn from Wells College on RaiseMe is the minimum guaranteed amount you will receive from Wells.

Scholarships for Transfer Students

Minerva Scholarship
Up to $10,000
Awarded to transfer students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Phi Theta Kappa students (transfer students who are members of this two-year college honor society) will receive an additional $2,000 scholarship.  Proof of PTK membership must be submitted with admissions application.

President's Scholarship (Cayuga Community College President's Scholars only)
Exclusive to President's Scholars transferring from Cayuga Community College.

Transfer Honors Scholarships
Students who transfer from one of Wells College's partner community colleges and who have taken two or more honors-level courses are eligible to receive this award in addition to the Minerva Scholarship. See the Transfer Student Information page for more details.

Wells College Community Pathways Scholarship
Students who transfer from a local community college, have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and who participated in a dual-enrollment program while in high school are eligible to receive this $5,000 scholarship. This award will be combined with other scholarships to provide at least $15,000 of merit-based aid for each year of the recipient's full-time enrollment at Wells College. See the Transfer Student Information page for more details.

Scholarships for International Students

Provost's Scholarship
Up to $15,000 (USD)
With their unique backgrounds and perspectives, international students contribute to the global living and learning environment at Wells College. To support international students in their pursuit of higher education in the United States, Wells College considers every international applicant for a scholarship to contribute towards cost of attending. Provosts's Scholarships are awarded based on the applicant's academic record.

Global Leadership Awards are granted to students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding service to their local communities outside of the classroom. In addition to the Provost's Scholarship (outlined above), students who are chosen for the Global Leadership Award will be awarded $2,000 (USD).

Canadian Provincial Scholarships are awarded to students from Canada with a cumulative academic standing of 85 or higher. In addition to the Provost's Scholarship (outlined above), students who qualify for the Canadian Provincial Scholarship will receive $2,000 (USD).

Wells College Grants

Wells Grants are supported by the Wells College endowment and by gifts it receives from generous friends of the College. All Wells Grants are awarded based on the information provided on your FAFSA. These funds are for undergraduate, full-time students only; they are awarded by the Admissions Committee. If your family situation does not change from year to year, your Well Grant will not change in subsequent years. Funding that allows us to award Wells Grants and Scholarships are comprised of many of the funds listed below.

Merit- and Need-Based Named Scholarship Funds

  • American History and Government Scholarship
  • Arkell Hall Scholarship
  • Arthur J. and Frances E. Bellinzoni Scholarship
  • Borg Ruhle Family Scholarship
  • Elsa Livingood Bowman Scholarship
  • Helen Harper Bristol 1916 Scholarship
  • Virginia Kirk Buckingham 1933 Scholarship
  • Richard Bunn Scholarship
  • Mary Poston Burke 1934 Scholarship
  • California “Go East” Scholarship
  • Edward M. and Honora Boyer Cameron 1922 Scholarship 
  • Katharine J. Carnahan Memorial 1919 Scholarship
  • Florence Welles Carpenter Scholarship
  • Harriet Hart Christakos 1953 Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Marshall Clark 1914 Scholarship
  • Class of 1899 Scholarship
  • Class of 1918 Scholarship
  • Class of 1930 Scholarship
  • Class of 1932 Scholarship
  • Class of 1934 Scholarship
  • Class of 1935 Scholarship
  • Class of 1936 Scholarship
  • Class of 1942 Scholarship
  • Class of 1943 Zea Edmiston Hopkins Scholarship
  • Class of 1944 Scholarship
  • Class of 1945 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Class of 1946 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Class of 1954 Scholarship
  • Class of 1956 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Class of 1958 Scholarship
  • Class of 1959 Ann L. Quackenbush Scholarship
  • Class of 1960 Scholarship
  • Class of 1961 Scholarship
  • Class of 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship
  • Class of 1969 Scholarship
  • Class of 1971 Scholarship
  • Class of 1973 Marianne Quattrocchi Scholarship
  • Class of 1975 Scholarship
  • Classical Fellowship Scholarship
  • E. C. Converse Scholarship
  • Florence Bush Cooper 1934 Scholarship
  • Alda Beaver Craig 1906 Scholarship
  • Martha Wiles Cusack 1936 Scholarship
  • Eleanor W. Custer 1926 Scholarship
  • Ina Fairchild and William O. Dapping Scholarship
  • Pauline Morgan Dodge 1916 Scholarship
  • Ebsary Charitable Fund Scholarship
  • Fred L. Emerson Foundation Scholarship
  • Fred L. Emerson Foundation Scholarship for Leaders
  • Fred M. and Ora H. Everett Scholarship
  • Sidney Friedman Scholarship
  • Maurice R. Greenberg Scholarship
  • Helen Holler Fultz 1975 WILL Scholarship
  • Ethel Harkness Grace 1909 and Margaret Sessions Burke 1925 Scholarship
  • Margaret Coffin Halvosa Memorial Scholarship
  • William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
  • Sarah Knipe Herrmann 1903 Scholarship
  • Anna Couch Hetherington 1916 Pre-medical Scholarship
  • Ruth Maijgren DeWitt Hill 1928 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Alice Burgess Hinchcliff 1925 Memorial Scholarship
  • William A. Holloway Memorial Staff Scholarship
  • Lillia Babbitt Hyde Scholarship
  • Jephson Educational Trusts Scholarship for Leaders
  • Ione Davis Jones 1931 Scholarship
  • Pauline Jones 1918 Scholarship
  • Ada Howe Kent Scholarship
  • Adalaide Ball Kirby 1934 Global Learning Scholarship
  • The Sandra Adler Leibowitz 1952 Fund for Study Abroad
  • Pamela Lewis 1980 Scholarship
  • George Link Jr. Scholarship for Leaders
  • Jeannik Méquet Littlefield 1941 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Louise McCoy McKinstry Loomis 1946 Scholarship
  • Katharine Bogart Lovett 1871 Scholarship
  • Kerr Duncan Macmillan Scholarship 
  • Marcia Strickler Maxon 1940 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Virginia A. McGuire 1931 Scholarship
  • Genevieve Allen McIntosh 1910 Scholarship
  • Harris McIntosh Scholarship
  • Margaret Martindale Meserole 1976 Scholarship
  • Lina J. Michel Scholarship
  • Minnesota Wells Club Scholarship
  • Lois Parker Moen 1933 Scholarship
  • Ann Roberts Moody 1939 Scholarship
  • Edith Brett Morehouse Scholarship
  • Nellie L. Morss 1888 Scholarship
  • Barbara Flowers Murray 1944 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Sarah Burton Nelson 1946 Scholarship
  • A. Lindsay & Olive B. O’Connor Foundation Scholarship
  • Oaklawn Scholarship
  • Patti McGill Peterson Scholarship
  • Mary Hunter Pullen Scholarship
  • Nancy Ann Reed 1950 Scholarship
  • Lloyd S. and Florence T. Riford Scholarship
  • Schurmeier Scholarship
  • Herman and Margaret Schwartz Scholarship
  • Ann Barker Smith 1945 Scholarship
  • Marian H. Smith 1910 Scholarship
  • Ruth Pfeiffer Smith 1938 Scholarship
  • John Ben Snow Scholarship
  • Meribah Starbuck 1924 Scholarship
  • C.V. Starr Scholarship
  • Surdna Scholarship
  • Ruth P. Thomas Scholarship
  • Katharine Marr Turtle 1926 Scholarship
  • Katharine Marr Turtle 1926 Fund for the Arts
  • Janet Walker 1895 Scholarship
  • Julia D. Weihe Scholarship
  • Margaret Hempstead Wells and Richard Dean Wells Scholarship
  • Western Pennsylvania Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Chapin White 1905 Memorial Scholarship
  • Caleb T. Winchester Scholarship
  • Mary Morrow Woods 1938 Scholarship
  • Mary Morrow Woods 1938 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Alice Ostrander Wright 1936 Scholarship
  • Robert W. and Alberta P. Zabriskie 1932 Scholarship for Leaders
  • Arcadia C. and Jorge E. Zalles Scholarship
Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is a tool that provides you with a sample financial aid package that outlines the types of aid you may receive if you are both admitted to Wells College and you complete a federal aid application (FAFSA). More than 98% of Wells students receive some amount of institutional grant or scholarship funds. The information you provide on the net price calculator will generate an estimated award package with the following limitations and caveats:

This calculator is intended for use by first time undergraduate students and their families who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens.

Estimates are based on the 2017-18 Cost of Attendance figures and student aid eligibility requirements. Future costs and federal, state, and institutional financial aid estimates are subject to change. Financial aid estimates are not an indication of your admissions to the College. Students must be accepted by the Wells College Admissions Office to receive an official financial aid package.

The accuracy of your estimated awards is based on the accuracy of the information you provide. Results of the calculator are not guaranteed and special circumstances should be communicated directly to the Office of Financial Aid for review.

Click here to begin the Net Price Calculator.

Wells College Student Employment

All students may apply for an on-campus job. Students must complete an employment application and interview successfully to receive a job placement. Wage is determined by the nature of the job and the qualifications of the applicant. Available campus positions are typically posted online prior to the start of the fall semester for that academic year.

There are two student employment programs: Federal Work Study and the Wells College Student Employment Program. Student employment allows you the ability to earn money needed for educational expenses. To be paid under the Federal Work Study Program, a student must demonstrate financial need. Most students, regardless of financial aid eligibility, can be employed under the Wells College Student Employment Program. Students will have an opportunity to apply for on-campus and off-campus jobs, but ultimately the job assignment of every student worker lies with the Office of Academic and Career Advising.

Tuition Exchange Benefits

Wells College participates in the tuition exchange program that allows the children of faculty and staff at Tuition Exchange (TE) member institutions to apply for tuition benefits at Wells College. Eligible students must submit a tuition exchange application to the College by February 1, in addition to a completed admissions application. Students will be selected for TE awards based on a review of their application for admissions, and selected candidates for TE will receive a set tuition award. Students must be enrolled full-time to receive these benefits. Students who are eligible for New York State Tuition Assistance Program Awards and/or PELL grants may see adjustments to the exchange amount awarded.

Tuition exchange funds may not be applied to study abroad programs; TE recipients are responsible for all expenses associated with study abroad. In addition, TE candidates may receive the benefit for up to eight semesters while at Wells.

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