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We're happy you're here. This page contains essential next steps and important forms you will need throughout your enrollment process to Wells College.

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Have questions about your campus housing assignment? Contact Emily Burt, the Associate Director of Campus Life for Residence Life. Phone: 315.364.3426 / Email

Have questions about registering for classes that fulfill your major? Contact Nicole Pellegrino, the Registrar and Director of Academic Advising. Phone: 315.364.3240 / Email

Wondering what you can and cannot bring to campus? What your room dimensions are? Visit the See My Room page.


After Receiving Your Acceptance Letter...

Congratulations! We are glad you're joining our community. After receiving your letter of acceptance, here are some important next steps:

  • Accept your offer of admission and submit your deposit to secure your place. You can pay online using the Online Deposit Form (login required). 
    • How do you submit your enrollment deposit? Watch this video tutorial!
  • Submit your FAFSA (if you haven't already done so). We encourage all students to submit the FAFSA regardless of need. We use the information provided by your FAFSA to determine additional financial aid packages and scholarships you may be eligible for.
  • Accept your financial aid award package. Review the Financial Aid Award Information Sheet sent to you by the College, indicate your decision on the form, and send one copy to the Financial Aid Office. Keep a copy for your records! The Financial Aid Team is always happy to help with any questions at financial-aid@wells.edu or 315-364-3289.
  • Schedule a campus visit. Sit in on a class and see what Wells is like from Wells students! You can even schedule an overnight stay in one of our residence halls to experience college living firsthand.
  • Reach out to a faculty member to learn more about your area of academic interest as well as get to know your future professors!
  • Look for invitations to accepted student events. Participate in these exclusive campus events!
Financial Aid Quick Start

Create your unique FSA ID here. In addition to  students having a unique FSA ID, parents should also create their own unique ID.  The FSA ID provides you with a username and password that will give you access to all of the U.S. Department of Education’s consumer-facing websites, such as StudentLoans.gov, National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), and My Federal Student Aid.  You will need your FSA ID to complete the FAFSA.

View instructions on how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Federal FAFSA Code: #002901
New York State TAP Code: #1050


    1. Go to StudentLoans.gov
    2. Log in using your FSA ID
    3. Click on Complete Counseling (Entrance, Financial Awareness, Exit). Entrance counseling is required for all first-time borrowers.
    4. Choose Entrance Counseling and complete all sections
    5. Complete the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    6. Sign, date, and return one copy of your Financial Aid Award Letter to the Financial Aid Office. Your signed award letter gives us permission to process your federal loans on your behalf.


    1. Go to StudentLoans.gov
    2. Log in using your FSA ID
    3. Choose Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan
    4. Complete Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents to initiate the credit check. Complete all sections.
    5. The credit check will remain active for 90 days only. Another check will be performed if the loan application is certified by the College after 90 days has lapsed. If approved, complete the Direct PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office at financial-aid@wells.edu or 315-364-3289


After Submitting Your Deposit...

  • Get acquainted with the Globe. With the same username and password you used to check your application, you can log onto the Globe at Wells as a new student. The Globe is a convenient portal where you can access important information from the College. Using the Globe, you can review your financial aid package (if applicable) and have access to important forms and documentation. 
  • Double-check that your email address is up to date. As we continue to send you important information, please make sure that the email you have on file with us is correct and check it regularly. If there are any changes to your email, please let us know at 315-364-3264.
  • Receive your very own Wells student email account! New wells.edu emails will begin generating soon.
  • Early registration for fall 2017 classes is now open! Get more information and helpful details on how to sign up for classes. 
    - Please allow up to 24 hours after deposit payment for account access.  
  • Orientation and New Student Move-In is August 20, 2017. Classes for the fall semester start August 24, 2017. For questions regarding move-in and Orientation, email the Division of Academic and Student life or call 315-364-3311.
  • Submit required paperwork. The forms required for enrollment are listed below and can also be accessed on The Globe. They must be submitted to their respective offices before your arrival on campus. These forms help us get to know you better and make sure your unique needs are met. For example, the Housing Preference Form allows us to sit down and match you with your ideal roommate. Students who pay their enrollment deposit early will be given priority consideration for housing assignments.

Important Required Forms

Here are some essential forms to help us prepare for your arrival on campus. The required forms must be submitted and received by the Dean of Students Office as soon as possible to ensure that you are ready to be fully enrolled at the College. The due date for all forms is July 1, 2017, but the sooner you submit them, the more options you will have for housing and the easier your enrollment process will be. Failure to return forms promptly may result in a less desirable selection for housing and services. Forms returned early will ensure a smooth check-in process in August. Be sure to contact individual offices if you have questions about completing the forms.  

To request paper copies of each form, please contact the Admissions Office by email or phone 800-952-9355.

1. HOUSING PREFERENCE FORM (submit online)




Mail to:
Dean of Students Office
Attn: Enrollment Handbook Forms
Mac 210
170 Main Street
Aurora, NY 13026
Or faxed to: 315-364-3329


Mail to:
Community Medical Center
18 Wells Road
Aurora, NY 13026
Or faxed to: 315-364-7287

Optional Forms


This form should be completed when a student has indicated his or her desire to request reasonable accommodation(s) from the College for a learning, physical or psychological disability. Disability includes a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Major life activities include such things as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, sitting, standing, lifting, reaching, seeing, hearing, breathing, learning and working. Reasonable Accommodation includes any modification or adjustment or educational environment of the college to enable an applicant or student, to meet and perform requisite academic standards and to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of education. For questions regarding this form or additional information, please contact the Office of Student Success at 315-364-3432 or through email.




(can be submitted electronically here)
Students can indicate in this form clubs and organizations they would be interested in pursuing while at the College. This form also provides space for students to indicate any religious or spiritual needs. While the College has no religious affiliation and participation is a matter of personal choice, the College Chaplain tries to insure that students have the opportunity to practice their faith and explore spiritual values during their time at Wells. Completion of this form will allow the Chaplain to help meet your religious and spiritual needs during your time at Wells. 


Students who meet specific criteria can submit this form to request exemption from on-campus housing. Exceptions to on-campus housing policies (and accommodations based on documented medical circumstances) must be requested as soon as possible upon admission for new students. All decisions regarding the following exceptions are made by the Director of Residence Life in consultation with the other faculty/staff as appropriate. For additional information, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 315-364-3311 or through email.

Special Accommodation Application

Wells College will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students with specific, reasonable needs in the residence halls.  This form serves as a starting point for a conversation about your request; a Campus Life staff member will be in touch – please check your Wells College e-mail regularly.    

Gender Accommodation Application

Students may request reasonable housing accommodations based on gender identity. For new incoming students, Wells College assigns roommates who are of the same biological sex, but take into consideration the comfort of each individual student in the process. This form serves as a starting point for a conversation; a Campus Life staff member will be in touch, and if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

All forms can be mailed to:
Dean of Students Office
Attn: Enrollment Handbook Forms
Mac 210
170 Main Street
Aurora, NY 13026
Or fax to: 315-364-3329


Before Classes Begin...

  • Browse the College Store. Purchase textbooks, class supplies, and Wells swag with your $500 gift certificate! All new enrolled students (transfer students included) will receive a $500 gift certificate to the Wells College Store. Certificates must be used in person. More information forthcoming.
  • Attend Orientation (August 20, 2017)
  • Meet with your faculty advisor at Orientation
  • Start wearing red on Wednesdays in preparation for Wells Wednesdays on campus
  • Assemble your purple/gold or green/blue clothing to prepare for our Odd/Even tradition. Read all about Wells traditions!


Questions? We're here to help. Contact the Admissions Team at admissions@wells.edu or call toll-free at 800-952-9355!

Students may request reasonable housing accommodations based on gender identity. For new incoming students, Wells College assigns roommates who are of the same biological sex, but take into consideration the comfort of each individual student in the process. This form serves as a starting point for a conversation; a Campus Life staff member will be in touch, and if you have any questions, please contact residencelife@wells.edu

Wells College promises a relevant liberal arts and sciences education. Intellectually challenging. Reinterpreted for today. Classroom teaching combined with hands-on learning. Wells graduates enter the world prepared for successful futures.

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