Admission FAQs

General Questions

How do I know if Wells is the right college for me?

Let us help you explore Wells. Your admission counselor is happy to provide the information you need and connect you to faculty, staff, coaches and current students, so that you can ask questions, get information and feel confident. We strongly encourage all prospective students to visit campus, sit in on a virtual class or a lab, or attend an open house (or all of these!) to see if Wells is a good fit.

Should I apply to Wells as a first-year or transfer student?

If you haven't taken any post-high school coursework, you should apply as a first-year student. You should apply as a transfer student if you have completed any post-high school or post-GED college coursework, even if you did not complete a full semester. 

I took some college courses while in high school. Should I apply as a transfer student or a first-year student?

You should apply as a first-year student and submit official transcripts for any coursework you've completed while in high school, in addition to your high school transcript.

I didn't do well in my previous attempt(s) at college. Will I be able to get admitted to Wells?

We take a holistic approach to reading applications, and we know that transfer students often experience some bumps along the way. That's what makes them and their contributions to the classroom and community so valuable. We encourage applicants to address prior struggles (academic or personal) within the application so that we have a sense of your experiences and motivations.

Can I re-apply if I wasn't admitted to Wells in the past?

If you have since demonstrated at another school that you can perform college-level work, we encourage you to re-apply.

I attended some college but didn't get a degree. Can I still transfer to Wells?

Yes! You do not need your two-year college degree to attend Wells. Many apply to Wells after just one semester at another college.

What are your admission deadlines?

Early Decision: November 15
Early Action: December 15
Regular Decision: March 1
Spring Transfer: January 17 

We accept applications on a rolling basis, and we encourage applicants to apply early and to stay connected to their admissions counselor throughout the process.

What are my housing options on campus? Do you have special transfer housing?

Wells students live in six residence halls or "houses" in a variety of architectural styles and room types. There is no special transfer housing option. You'll share your housing preferences when confirming your enrollment. Students completing their first year of coursework may choose Dodge or Leach.  Others students opt for the quiet, cozy convenience of Weld. Upper-class women can request a room in Glen Park, the Italianate mansion built by Henry Wells. For a centralized, historical, and social experience, the Main Building is a good choice. The cost of room and board includes 19 meals per week in our beautiful dining hall. Wells student housing is not appropriate for couples or families, however.

Can I commute to Wells?

Wells is primarily a residential campus, but under certain circumstances, commuter students are welcome! There is ample parking a short walk from campus buildings. An optional commuter meal plan is available, and there is even a Commuter Council that meets regularly.

Can I study abroad if I attend Wells?

If you hope to study abroad through Wells, we encourage you to speak to your academic advisor and get to know your options as soon as you arrive on campus. It may take planning and flexibility, but it's worth it. Participation in one of our approved programs means your scholarships and financial aid will travel with you, so the only extra expenses are airfare and incidentals while away. This is very unusual, and it's one of the things that makes a Wells education a great value.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Does Wells offer merit-based scholarships to applicants?

Wells values what all students bring to our community, and we show it by offering generous merit-based scholarships based upon what we learn about you in your Wells application. There are special scholarships just for transfers, too. Since your application to Wells doubles as your scholarship application, we encourage you to take the time to share your complete story so that we can award the highest possible level of funding. 

How do I apply for financial aid at Wells?

Send us your FAFSA when you apply, and we will determine your aid upon your admission. Your aid offer will also include any merit-based scholarships awarded through the application process. Please note: sending your FAFSA to Wells doesn't mean that you are committed to Wells. We also encourage applicants to seek outside scholarships and grant funding sources to cover their student or family contribution.

Credit Transfer and Advising

Will Wells accept my previous college credits?

Very likely, yes! Wells accepts credits for non-developmental coursework with grades of C- or better. You will also work closely with your advisor to determine how the courses you have already taken integrate with your Wells requirements.

How and when do I know what credits will transfer?

For general education credits, a credit evaluation will be available at or around the time of admission. For coursework related to major requirements, a secondary review occurs with a faculty advisor before the first semester at Wells.

Is there a maximum number of credits I can transfer to Wells?

No, but at least 60 semester hours must be taken on campus at Wells College or in Wells College-approved programs. If you've already taken a significant number of credits towards a bachelor's degree, check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your eligibility to receive aid.

How does academic advising work?

When you declare a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help you chart your academic course and answer questions about other "what-ifs" — like adding another major or minor, possible career paths or internships, and/or opportunities for experiential learning. All students have access to the Center for Academic and Career Advising for academic advising questions and internships, research, and other experiential activities throughout their time at Wells.

I need special learning accommodations. Is this possible at Wells?

Yes, we have staff in Student Affairs and our Student Success team to provide support and secure reasonable accommodations for students who need them. To receive accommodations, you must complete a disability disclosure form and submit any required documentation when you confirm your enrollment. For questions about accommodations, please contact our Coordinator of Accessibility & Learning Support.

What is it like to be a transfer student at Wells? Will I feel included?

Our size and focus on relationships and mentorship mean you will meet people immediately, and your professors will know you by name. There is always something interesting going on, whether it's a club activity, a theatre performance, Wells traditions, athletics, a guest lecture, or just a group getting together to study, watch a movie or play video games. Living on campus is encouraged since most of this happens after classes are over each day.

Will I be able to graduate within four years if I attend Wells?

Your advisor will do everything possible to help you graduate in four years if that's your goal. If you pick up a second major, add minors, or plan on studying abroad, you may need additional time for degree completion. If you are transferring to Wells and plan to pursue the same or a similar major, it will be easier to finish your degree in four years. What if you arrive with lots of credits in an academic area that's different from your intended major at Wells? In that case, some credits may count towards your degree, but you might need to take other courses at Wells to fulfill major requirements. 

I struggle in certain academic subjects. Is help available if I need it?

The Office of Student Success offers individualized academic support to students based upon their needs in areas such as time management, planning, and learning strategies, to name a few. Peer and professional tutoring are available at the Office of Student Success and the Writing Center, centrally located in Long Library. Additionally, Wells faculty have an open-door policy and pride themselves on their accessibility and ability to get to know their students' needs. Many faculty also have teaching assistants — students who have done well in that course previously — to help you succeed.

Do students have the opportunity to participate in internships and research?

We guarantee it! As part of graduation requirements, all students — including transfer students —  participate in at least one experiential learning activity, but many will complete two or more! Hands-on experiences mean our students leave Wells ready for graduate-level study or employment. Your professors and our Center for Academic and Career Advising can help you find the right opportunities and assist you with your job search.

Our mission is for every student to think critically, reason wisely and act humanely as they cultivate meaningful lives. On our beautiful lakeside campus, students gain the knowledge, skills and experience to create their own unique path.

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