Upon your arrival, you'll get a thorough overview of life in Florence from our expert staff.

Once you arrive in Florence, we'll provide a week-long orientation that covers academics, housing, and safety and security, as well as giving you an opportunity to meet fellow program participants.

Wells College staff from the U.S. and Florence will be with you throughout orientation to provide an overview of life in Italy. Through meetings, lectures, guided tours and other excursions, students gain a better understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Italy.

In addition to orientation in Florence, there will be a guided cultural excursion to other areas of Tuscany, providing program participants with an exceptionally well-rounded experience of this beautiful region of Italy.

Cultural Resources

The Florentine
Timetables and Train Ticket Information
Hotels, Restaurants, and Other Florence Attractions

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You can contact Amy Torea, Wells College Florence Program Coordinator, at florence@wells.edu or call 315-364-3291 for more information.